The Clinton’s defend the “Holy Koran” in Washington

It is not correct to burn a Koran. But its equally unwise by the Clinton family to call the Koran a “Holy book”.

PLO leader and Islamic terrorist Yasser Arafat gifted Bill Clinton a Koran in 1998.

Terry Jones is pastoring Dove World Outreach Center, a small, evangelical Christian church in Gainesville, Florida. On September 11th, he wants to burn a Koran to protest against raising Islamic influence over the American society.

On of the strongest voices against the US Pastors threat of burning a Koran, is US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She has accepted two Koran’s gifted to her, by the American Muslim Council (AMC).

Clinton was on CNN yesterday protesting against the burning of the “Holy Koran”.

Its not correct that a Methodist like Hillary Clinton calls a false revelation from “god” a “Holy book“.  But it is not unexpected.

In 1996 she and her husband President Bill Clinton invited Muslim leaders in the US to an end of Muslim fast dinner in the White House.

This is what Hillary Clinton has been quoted saying on February 20th 1996, when she accepted two copies of the Koran. This was on the event on the Muslim holiday Eid al-Fitr.

“I am honored to have these gifts… one for my husband, and one for me, as Chelsea already has her copy.”

“I have to admit that a good deal of what my husband and I have learned about Islam has come from my daughter.”

Source: Multiple media.

My comment:

It is wrong to burn the Koran. True Christians will never do that.

People should basically be encouraged to read the Koran, and learn all the Jihad verses that orders faithful Muslims to cripple and kill for “Allah”.

There is not much “Holiness” to be found in verses like this:

[Sura 5:33]
«The just retribution for those who fight God (Allah) and His messenger (Muhammad), and commit horrendous crimes, is to be killed, or crucified, or to have their hands and feet cut off on alternate sides, or to be banished from the land. This is to humiliate them in this life, then they suffer a far worse retribution in the Hereafter».

There is another 140 verses in the Koran that orders Muslims to fight Jihad.

Another issue, is that either Jesus of Nazareth or an Arab named Muhammad is a liar and a cheater.

I am convinced that Muhammad is the liar. Because he denies the divinity of Jesus. That is enough to tell that the Koran does not contain the truth about God, and that this Arab book should be rejected as falsehood.

Jesus the Messiah walked on Earth 600 years before the claimed to be Arab prophet. Since the Bible do not mentioned this Arab at all, this “Muhammad” is a self proclaimed prophet. Nothing more, nothing less.

Read more about Muhammad who told his student to kiss a black stone in Mecca to get rid of their sins.

5 thoughts on “The Clinton’s defend the “Holy Koran” in Washington

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    1. Dear Sue and Lars-Toralf.


      I will give you both right.

      From wikipedia:

      Aisha was six years old when betrothed to Muhammad.[12][13][14] She stayed in her parents’ home until the age of nine or ten, when the marriage was consummated in Medina.

      (end of wikipedia):

      Whatever Muhammad was. He was a child molester.

  1. Unfortunately, Muhammad bought into the lies of Satan, and in doing so have lead many (talking about those that have already died) to eternal damnation.

    But those who area alive, still (Praise God) have a chance to repent and accept Jesus Christ as their savior.

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