IAEA: Iran can trigger its first nuclear bomb anytime

Iran has 22 kilos of Uranium that can make a Nuclear warhead in no time. 2,8 tons of Uranium are under the process of being refined.

Iranian missiles can reach Israel. One nuclear bomb exploding over Tel Aviv will be enough to destroy Israel.

Economical sanctions can no longer stop Iran from producing a nuclear bomb. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) warns that the Islamic republic already has 22 kilo of uranium, that within short time can be used to trigger a nuclear explosion.

With 22 kg of enriched uranium at 20 per cent purity, Iran had passed the technical hurdle that is the hardest to overcome on the way to weapons-grade uranium.

The Agency’s report also noted that Iran’s stockpile of low-enriched uranium, the feedstock of its military nuclear program, has risen by around 15 per cent since May to reach 2.8 tons.

Source: Telegraph-UK

My comment:

The US President might not be to worried about Iran making nuclear bombs. Because Iran has still not been able to produce and test Intercontinental ballistic missiles.

And when Iran one day will have such long range missiles, it will take an hour or so for the rocket to fly from Iran to Washington. The US will also have multiple weapons ready to shot the missile down before it has crossed the Atlantic.

But for Israel, it will be a matter of minutes. And the Ayatollah controlled Iran, has multiple times expressed its desire to destroy the Jewish state.

I have earlier published an article about Operation Starfish. The lesson from this American nuclear experiment deep into space, should given even the American Military leadership sleepless nights.  Because the Islamic priests in Tehran also shouts “Death to America”.

Read about Operation Starfish.

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