Hamas soon able to shoot down Israeli helicopters

170 anti-aircraft missiles have been found in nine hidden weapons depot in the Sinai dessert.

Israeli commandoes can not operate effectively without the IDF's advanced helicopters.

Egyptian police seized nine weapons caches across the Sinai Peninsula on Tuesday, a week after discovering three large stores in the same area.

The Palestinian Authority-based Ma’an news agency quoted officials who said that all of the weapons were ready to be smuggled into Gaza.

The caches were found in northern and central Sinai, in the city of Rafiach on the Gaza-Egypt border, and at El-Arish on the Mediterranean coast, police said.

Egyptian forces told Ma’an they found machine guns, ammunition, over 170 anti-aircraft shells, 90 artillery shells and 200 bullets of varying sizes and anti-tank landmines.

One hundred kilograms of TNT explosives were seized from a hideout inside a cemetery in Rafiach.

On Sunday, August 29, Egyptian forces found more than 150 anti-aircraft missiles and 50 anti-aircraft projectiles, as well as automatic rifles, ammunition and 100 kilograms of standard explosives. Three days earlier, they discovered 190 anti-tank missiles.

Egypt has seized over 500 smuggling tunnels and several weapons caches in southern Egypt since July.

Source: IsraelNationalNews.com

My comment:

In the 1970 the Islamic terrorists were only able to blow up aircraft’s they had hijacked.

Israeli Navy seals were lowered into the "Gaza aid-flottila" from IDF helicopters.

Today, Islamic terrorist organizations have more weapons than regular national armies.

The worst example is Hizb’Allah in Lebanon. This Iranian backed army of Allah, has now more than 20.000 rockets pointing at Israel.

The squad that is going to fire these rockets and slaughter Jews all over Israel, is not mowing in army Uniforms approved by National Parliaments.  The terrorists even walks in burkas, when they smuggle deadly missiles into Mosques and hospitals.

Israel as a free and democratic state, have to fight wars in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Warsaw conventions.  If not the International community will jump on the Jewish state and accuse her of war crimes.

Hamas, al-Fatah and Hizb’Allah knows this.  But they are not held accountable by the same laws, by the Western Powers that sponsors them with hundreds of millions of dollars and Euros.

There can only be one valid explanation for this. Jew-hate. The very existence of a Jewish state that prove that God of Israel is a living god, is equally painful for Islam as for the pagan secular West.

The light of Israel expose them all to live in darkness, sin, luxury and self-indulgence.

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