MK Zouabi: “The Israeli navy wanted to killl “Peace activists”

“We were very peaceful activists, but the commandos came to kill.”

Israeli Arab member of Knesset Hanin Zouabi lies abot the army that protect her very freedom. She has been stripped of the diplomatic immunity.

This was the testimony given by MK Hanin Zouabi before the United Nations Human Rights Council panel probing Israel’s interception on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla in late May.

You can say a lot about an Israeli member of the Parliament, accusing soldiers who defend her democratic rights, with such a horrible crime.

But the truth is that MK Hanin Zouabi is a liar.  The IDF videos shows that the commandos who first entered the ship full of “Islamic peace activists” were armed with paintball guns.

If you intended to kill somebody, you would only make a fool out of your self, is you carried a paintball gun into the lethal battle.  Because these guns have bullets of paint, that is not capable of killing even a fly. Lets take a look at two pictures:

At first look this man seems to hold a dangerous weapon in his hand.
But he would only be able to make the bikini and skin of this paintball "soldier" full of paint.

Why were the Israeli soldiers armed with harmless paintball guns?

Obviously because they did not want to harm anyone.

The IDF commandos got a shock of their life when they entered the deck of the Turkish cruise liner that wanted to sail to Gaza. Some of the commandos were beaten black and blue by men using iron rods. One Israeli soldier was even thrown over board.

Because of this unfriendly welcome of Israeli navy seal, the IDF had no other option than to send a second round of commandos down on the Turkish ship. This time with proper guns. Unfortunately the Islamic “peace activists” did not surrender.  We should all regret that nine lives were lost.

MK Hanin Zouabi. Tell the truth. The truth shall set you free.

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