We try to resolve the Israel-Palestinian conflict before the Palestinian-Palestinian conflict is addressed.

When Danny Danon tell the truth he will not become popular in Washington.

This is the words of  Danny Danon in an OP-ED in Jerusalem Post. The writer is deputy speaker of the Knesset and the chairman of World Likud, the party who has elected Benjamin Netanyahu as their Prime Minister candidate.

“The murder of four innocent Israeli citizens by Palestinian terrorists near Hebron, and the attack near Ramallah in which two more were wounded, have proven that PA President Mahmoud Abbas does not have the ability to rein in terror”, writes Dayan.

He continues:

“Once again, we are getting ahead of ourselves by trying to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict before the Palestinian-Palestinian conflict has been properly addressed”.

We should ask ourselves if it would perhaps be more productive to resolve a more immediate problem. Hamas, the terrorist organization which took responsibility for the recent deadly spate of terror, controls the Gaza Strip. Here the Iranian-supported terrorists are plotting to plunge the entire region back into the Dark Ages.

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

People should not entertain theatrical debates, where people play games. That is exactly what took place in Washington last week.

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is also playing a role in a big dirty game. Lets hope he do not become a clown, in a game where US President Obama seems to be the rule maker.  Let us pray for Netanyahu, so he again can come out in the open with His Zionist convictions. If he keeps on lying he will forfeit his soul.

26th of September is the big test if Netanyahu is an honest man or not.  That is the day an anti-Jewish settlement freeze is suppose to end.