PA chairman tells Palestinian paper ‘al-Ayyam’ that he made clear that there will be no Israeli presence in future state.

President Obama and Vice President Biden entertain a corrupt, racist Arab puppet leader in the White House.

The most important Palestinian goal for peace negotiations is establishing the borders of a future, Israeli-free Palestinian state,  PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas said in comments to Palestinian newspaper al-Ayyam published Monday morning.

“We clarified that [the Palestinian Authority] would not agree to continued Israeli presence, military or civil, within a future Palestinian state,” Abbas said.

Abbas continued, “Borders is the topic most important to us, security is the topic most important to them.” He went on to explain that the issues of borders and security would be discussed first and that “right of return” of Palestinian refugees was of lower importance and would be dealt with later on in the talks.

On Sunday, the State Department announced that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is expected to take part in the second round of negotiations between Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Abbas in Sharm e- Sheikh on September 14, and then continue the discussions “with both parties” the next day in Jerusalem.

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

You do not have to be a school graduate to understand that what the US President, the Vatican and World Council of Churches supports, will quickly become a horrible new Nazi-state.

Would it be correct to copy Nazi-Germany at the very border of Jerusalem where “Jewish presence” will not be tolerated?

Israel is often wrongly accused of being an Apartheid state. This accusation is based up on Islamic lies distributed by World media. The truth is that Israel is the only free and democratic state in the Middle East. Almost two million Muslims living inside the state of Israel, with full Israeli citizenship. Islam is a religion of darkness. It can not tolerate a statehood of light in its center. The very existence of Israel exposes the evil of Islam.

The Arab Palestinians who live on the other side of the security fence are correctly considered to be the enemies of the Jewish people, and have to be handled carefully.