Orthodox and secular Jews desperately needs Jesus

“It feels like Purim, only in my life, I am always in costume.”

A Jew might live in a closet. He walks in black, claiming to know God. But in his heart, there is no peace.

This is a statement from an Orthodox Jew. Please click the link below, and read the full article.

This article in the secular Israeli press raises serious question about the emptiness inside of religious Jews. They search for God, but are not able to find him.

This is other statements by Orthodox Jews, that have no relationship with the living God.

“There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about how I’m living a double life: A secular living under the guise of a haredi. It feels like Purim, only in my life, I am always in costume.”

The haredi world of 2010 is still closed off and isolated. Fearful of any peak into secularism and of any contact with outside elements, it keeps to itself, is rigid and detests when people from within start asking questions.

I sobered up about religion five years ago, but I can’t change my life, because I am closed off tightly within haredi society, with family and children. Inside, I am completely secular, but because of the fear of hurting my family, I have to remain haredi on the outside.”

A Orthodox Jew named Moishi says he feels alone, trapped in an secluded, black and white world.

“I can’t stop thinking about what would happen if I were normal. Would I finally be happy? I am completely torn, a wreck inside,” he says through teary eyes.

Yaanki and his wife Miri started questioning the path of the Jewish religion some three years ago.  Than Miri pointed out to her husband that he would believe in Christianity if he had been born Christian, and would believe in Islam if he had been born Muslim. “If so,” she asked him, “Why do we believe in Judaism without examining it?”

Source: Ynetnews.com.

My comment:

The Jewish people needs Jesus. The savior of the World is Jewish.

It is easy for the secular Jewish press to point the finger on the Orthodox Jewish community. But the truth is that secular Jews live an equal empty life, not knowing that there is a living and loving God watching them.

His name in Hebrew is “Y’shua“. He has saved a wreck like me, and told me to the the Jewish people about Him. I was suppose to have been born a “Christian”. But I did not know the Messiah before i turned 39 years of age.

Trust Him. He shed his blood for our sins, paid the perfect atonement for both Jews and gentiles. The Messiah Jesus will bring peace to your heart.

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