Jewish settlers gets more arms to prepare for “peace”

The Interior Ministry in Israel loosens gun control laws for Jewish settlers in Judea and Samaria.

Jewish settlers in the Efrat settlement looks after the security of their sons and daughters.

In the wake of violent attacks against Jewish residents of the West Bank in recent days, Interior Minister Eli Yishai took steps on Wednesday to make it easier to acquire a permit to carry weapons.

“I instructed to immediately relax the registration of weapons to residents of Judea and Samaria,” Yishai explained Wednesday. Yitzhak Ames, one of the four victims of a fatal attack Tuesday night, had his weapons permit revoked a few months ago.

The new guidelines will include allowing settlers to acquire weapons without police approval, relying instead on professional opinions from the Interior Ministry, the Population Registry and the Immigration Authority.


My comment:

Dual loyalty. And IDF soldier is told by an armed settler to support Zionism.

Not all the Jewish settlers do is right. But I support them. The land they have built on is Jewish, and will be Jewish up to the day Jesus the Messiah returns.

“Peace” is more than a word written on a piece of paper.

Peace is a state of mind, where people have decided to renounce violence as a political tool.

The Arab Palestinians have never renounced violence as a tool they use in a bid to destroy the Jewish state. The Muslim Arabs did not renounce violence up front of “peace talks” in Washington, neither are they expected to do so in near future.

Jewish settlers knows this. Thats why they fear the near future, and re-arm to defend their properties in Judea and Samaria. They have a right to self-defense.

After being forced to pull out from Gaza in 2005, Zionist Jews do no longer fully trust the IDF.  Neither will they ever again fully trust the secular Israeli Government.

In God of Israel they trust, waiting for His Messiah to come a rescue them. I know the Messiah. His name is Jesus of Nazareth. He has come once, and He will return to Zion. Amen.

3 thoughts on “Jewish settlers gets more arms to prepare for “peace”

    1. Dear ask Palestine.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Without the IDF, there would be no Israel. If the Jewish people had laid down their arms, they would have experienced the second Holocaust within 48 hours.

      If the Arabs had recognized Israel, and put their rockets ways from aiming on Tel Aviv, there would have been peace. At once, today!.

      One of the tragedies of our days, is that many Jews in Judea and Samaria have started to doubt the Israeli Governments willingness to protect them form the planned Islamic mass-slaughter of Jews. The International pressure to establish a new Nazi-kind of statehood on the mountains of Zion is massive. Let us pray that Jerusalem is able to withstand this wickedness.

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