US: Add Interfaith center to the Ground Zero Mosque

“Rather than move the mosque further away, lets add an Interfaith component”.

Local New York politician Julie Menin feels all faiths can work together.

This is a suggestion from Julie Menin, who us the chair of Community Board 1 on Lower Manhattan.  She feels that permission should be given to the planned Mosque near Ground Zero. But because of stiff American opposition, Menin suggests that the rift can be bridged by adding an “Interfaith component” to the Mosque.

“The mosque and community center near Ground Zero should not be enshrined as a battleground of discord, but rather be transformed into an inter-faith center for reconciliation and peace-containing nondenominational houses of worship to be shared by Muslims, Christians and Jews,” explains Menin to  the New York Daily News.

“Its purpose is to bring us closer together, not split us further apart .This could be reaffirmed in modified plans.”

Menin, who voted in May to support the development of an Islamic cultural center and mosque two blocks from ground zero, acknowledged that the project has become “a symbol of discord and dissidence.”

Source: New York Daily News.

My comment:

For secular people, there seems to be marginal differences between a Mosque, a Synagogue and a Church.

Why not have all three in one common building?

To be frank: This is what the World will see established when we approach the end of the road. Based on an agenda of “World Peace”, the religious people of the World will unite. Their last false gospel, will be that all faith’s points to the same god.

This kind of Interfaith temples will also be built in the US. In fact, they are already there. Just take a look at the any International Airport in the West.

Religious people will agree that “Jesus” was a nice fellow, a good moral teacher, and a prophet. But the blood of the Messiah can never be the only remedy that can wash away our sins, and give us a citizenship in Heaven.  Thy will all deny that there is an eternal judgment face those who rejects the only salvation that is available for mankind.

The great interfaith compromise will be a complete falsehood, that denies the truth about salvation. For people who do not repent: The eternal lake of fire will be their final destination.

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