Without US Military support, Arabian dictatorships like the Saudi Kingdom would quickly loose their powers.

US soldiers enjoy all kinds of luxury in Saudi Arabia. This is the pool at the Eskan Village Air base.

Why is Osama Bin Laden so angry on America?

Why did the Muslims in Gaza remove the Fatah government?.

The answer is the rule of the US dollar and widespread corruption. Washington World dominion is based on money power, that is supported by the US Military presence in nations under its domain.

In the Middle East, the King of Saudi Arabia and the US President have always been the best of friends. It does not matter for Washington that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an Islamic dictatorship, that do not even allow Christians and Jews to have any kind of House of Worship.

That battle for the soul of the Americans, is now in the court of the Obama Administration. The US has to make a choice.  Do America still stand on our common values with the state of Israel, or will  America give green light for Islamic supremacy to cripple the Jewish state.

The debt ridden US Post-Christian society is likely to chose continued oil supply from Saudi Arabia. Because the Islamic Kingdom holds the key to continued American over consumption and worldliness supported by “petro-dollars” and military might.

The US holds five percent of the Worlds population, but consumes almost one fifth of the Worlds daily consumption of oil. The Americans are in need of 20 million barrels of crude oil a day.

The US is totally dependent on oil from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq. Every day, almost 20 per cent of the total oil consumption in the US comes from these thee Arabian nations.

The Thunder Dome at US Navy Camp Lemonier in Djiboti.

The US has dedicated a full naval fleet for operations around oil tankers that moves from the Persian Gulf towards American seaports.

Just take a look at the map below, to see the limited area “The Fifth Fleet” is called to control.

The fifth fleet has Bahrain as one of its bases. Hardly 70 kilometers from the coastline of Iran. The Fifth Fleet is responsible for naval forces in the Persian Gulf, Red Sea, Arabian Sea, and coast off East Africa as far south as Kenya.

The US has not less than five military bases inside Saudi Arabia it self.

Eskan Village Air base
King Abdul Aziz Air Base, Dhahran
King Fahd Air Base, Taif
King Khalid Air Base, Khamis Mushayt.
Riyad Air Base, Riyadh

The US Military air bases in Saudi Arabia is equal to the number of American air bases in the United Kingdom.

Nearly 2,000 US military people are using Eskan Village as their oasis when deployed to Riyadh Air Base in the capital city of Saudi Arabia.

American military control over nations are based on navel powers of its 7 fleets. (1st and 3rd has merged).

The US also has a Air force base in Doha in Qatar.  In 1999, Qatar’s emir, Sheikh Hamad, reportedly told US officials that he would like to see as many as 10,000 US servicemen permanently stationed at the base named Al. Udeid.

To serve The Fifth Fleet in the Red Sea, the US has established Camp Lemonnier in Djiboti. This is a  Naval Expeditionary Base located at Djibouti’s Ambouli International airport. Djibouti is just across the sea from the Islamic stronghold of Yemen.

The US also has three Air Force bases in the Sultanate of Oman. In the 1930’s, Omans Masirah Island was used as a British military base. After World War 2, the United States replaced the British.