Ruthless Blair backstab Brown on the eve of “peace talks”

Tony Blair puts a knife in the back of Gordon Brown. The next victim of this ruthless man will be the state of Israel.

Tony Blair stabs Gordon Brown. When they ruled England together Blair told lies through his teeths.

After resigning as Prime Minister of United Kingdom,Tony Blair converted to the Roman Catholic faith.

Within a year of Gordon Browns defeat in the UK election, the former Prime Minister stabs his college in the back with a media “knife”.
In his latest money making memoir, Blair calls his former college “a maddening fellow” and a “strange guy”.

Labour leadership hopeful Diane Abbott accused Mr Blair of “putting the knife” into his successor.

Source: The BBC.

My comment:

The Papist Tony Blair is not to be trusted.  The state of Israel will commit a grave mistake if they support a “peace plan” promoted by Islam and the Vatican’s nuncio to the Jewish people.

Blair is committing a grave sin in his back stabbing of the previous Prime Minister of Great Britain. This media gimmick do prove that Mr. Blair him self is a manipulator, that never tells the truth, when telling lies will be more beneficial for him self.

The biggest lie Blair told during his time as Prime Minister of UK, was that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. This lie has cost the American tax payers one trillion USD.  Millions of dollars sent to Iraq has ended up in the pocket of the same men who now tries to force Israel to surrender Jewish land in a bid to get “peace”.

9 thoughts on “Ruthless Blair backstab Brown on the eve of “peace talks”

  1. Oh come on, what’s a couple political jabs, the man gave him ice cream!!

    If you could figure this one out you could probably have a good idea who’s around in the end times.

    Rev 11:4 “these are two olive trees and two candlesticks, standing before the king of the earth.”

    The two candlesticks are two churches and the two olive trees feed oil into the candlesticks i.e. doctrine.

    I’m going to say it’s the Israeli Jews feeding old testament and the Roman Catholics new testament, they will minister to the king of the earth who will cast out plagues i.e. poor judgements on the people of the earth, based on the misunderstandings of scripture.

  2. Muslims might also fit as the second candlestick, anyone who might punish mankind based on the Ten commandments that nobody can keep, and also sell out to the Roman Catholic pope.

    1. Dear Ed.


      You wrote:

      Muslims might also fit as the second candlestick, anyone who might punish mankind based on the Ten commandments that nobody can keep, and also sell out to the Roman Catholic pope.

      My comment:

      What you wrote does not make sense to me. The 10 commandments is meant to be followed. I hope you do not worship idols, that you do not murder, or chase your friends wife’s.

      1. Yeah that’s what the Jewish people don’t understand. That’s why it will happen.

        And Jesus said to the scribes and Pharasis, wherefore you go about to kill me based on the commandments that you yourselves cannot keep?

        Jesus > Moses

    2. That’s a lot more examples that say that, as a matter of fact he’s practically screaming it. Back to John where he’s yelling at them “Why do you not understand my talk, why do you not hear my word”

      Old testament he tells them the Ark of the covenant would bear witness against them on the judgement day. Not a good thing for them to be judged by the law and not by mercy. Get away from them Ivar.

  3. Mind you, whoever does this is taken up to heaven before Jesus and the ark of the covenant. “As ye judge, so shall ye be judged”. Based on the lightnings and thunderings on the last line it does not seem to go well.

    1. Dear Ed.


      I hope you attend Bible studies. I hope you have a good shepherd. I hope you attend a Christian fellowship.

      I ask you, because I have been told by Master Jesus to encourage people to seek into fellowships of believers.

  4. Anyway, different perspective for you to consider. Many would read that and instantly think since they went up to heaven they must have been good. Because they had prophets with them they must have been serving God. Two things I know are true, God is a judge and the leaders never listen to the prophets. They will probably be witnesses saying they told them and told them but they would not listen.

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