“The real battlefront is not between Muslims and non-Muslims, but a common fight against extremism”.

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf has the US Government as one of his sponsors.

Imam Abdul Rauof told this in an interview in Abu Dhabi when he came for a Women, Action & The Media Conference (WAM).

“The real battlefront is not between Muslims and non-Muslims. The real battlefront is between moderates and extremists.”

Imam Faisal Abdul Rauof is a central figure in plans to build a Muslim community centre near Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan, New York.
Rauof urged followers of all faiths to join hands against radicalism, which he says exists in all religions.

We are all in this together … there is a common threat: Radicalism, which exists in all religions,” explained Abdul Rauof.

Abdul Rauof is the founder and chairman of the Cordoba Initiative, an independent, non-partisan and multi-national project which he says works with state and non-state actors to improve relations between Muslim-West relations.  Rauof is in particular trying to improve Muslim-US relations because “the US is the most influential player in the West and because the US is my home base”.

Imam Rauof is in the UAE as part of a mission from the US government to promote religious tolerance.

Source:  The Gulf News.

My comment:

That the US Government has sent Imam Abdul Rauof to Dubai to promote religious tolerance, is the best sign that the One World Religion is on the horizon.

What Rauof is telling between the line, is that those who say that Islam is a false religion, are “extremists”.

The most extreme are Christians who claim that Mohammad is a false prophet, and the truth of salvation and eternal life can not be found in the Koran.

Another word for such “extremists” are “evangelical Christians”.

Together with the American Government, this Islamic Imam will use their power and influence to stop every human being in telling others that there is only salvation found in the name of Jesus of Nazareth.