The “peace talks” that will bring anything but peace

Establishment of a “Palestinian” State in the West Bank will not solve anything. It will  at best become a “peace” between governments but not a peace between peoples.

There can be no peace between Jews and Muslims based on the logics of Washington.

The Palestinian People are taught since they are small children to hate Jews and believe that Israel is an illegitimate entity that stole their homeland from them. The PA’s own textbooks that they use to teach children in schools state this as an undisputed fact.


by Aaron in Jerusalem.

As most of you have probably read in the newspaper, on Wednesday President Obama will host a dinner at the White House to inaugurate direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

This situation needs a lot of prayer and I will try now to explain some of the background. It’s a very complicated situation and you should be under no illusions that what you’re about to read is comprehensive.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) is the proto-government which has civic (but not military) control of the Palestinian cities in the West Bank.

Jewish soldiers praying for peace at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

Those cities being Bethlehem, Nablus, etc. with the ‘capitol’ city being Ramallah, which is just a few kilometers north of Jerusalem.

The PA is backed by Saudi Arabia and the West (meaning, for the most part, the US, France, Germany and UK) with a ‘police force’ of about 10,000 men who are lightly armed and trained by the US and British Special Forces to be able to handle law and order among the Palestinians in the West Bank and (it is hoped) prevent Hamas from taking over in the West Bank the way it did in Gaza in February of 2007.

The PA is corrupt, incompetent and duplicitous. But because it is being funded lavishly by the US, EU and the Arab oil sheikdoms in the Persian Gulf, it is able to maintain a more or less functional economy/civic infrastructure. Those who are hoping for a future Palestinian State are also hoping that the PA can be the government of that new state if and when it ever comes into being.

Experience tells me that I must point out to all of you that the US has backed the PA since it came into existence following the Oslo Accords of 1993, and has been training the PA Police since the early years of the GW Bush Administration.

Barack Obama was working in a small law firm in Chicago in 1993, not even in the Illinois State Senate. So this situation did not originate with him. Most people would say he’s not handling it very well, but you can’t say he created it.

In any event, President Obama, the leaders of the Gulf Arab countries and the EU (as well as many Israelis I must point out) are hopeful that if a Palestinian State is created in the West Bank it will put an end to the Israeli Palestinian conflict. They recognize (so far) that such a state must not pose a threat to Israel, and there is a tremendous amount of effort being expended to try and create such a state.

Not least among their considerations is that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is making it very difficult for the West to confront Iran, because the Iranians can stir up a lot of emotion in the Moslem world against the US and the West by pointing to American support for Israel and the situation of the Palestinians. Many people think that if we “solve the Palestinian problem” than this will take away at least one public relations weapon that the Iranians use against the West.

In my humble opinion, the creation of a Palestinian State in the West Bank will not solve anything, not least because it will be, at best, a “peace” between governments (Israel and the PA) but not a peace between peoples. The Palestinian People are taught since they are small children to hate Jews and believe that Israel is an illegitimate entity that stole their homeland from them. The PA’s own textbooks that they use to teach children in schools state this as an undisputed fact.

Ethiopian Jews serve in the Israeli army, trying to keep the Middle East a peaceful corner of the World.

This is only slightly better than the official position of the Iranian government that the Jews are a “disease” that is infecting the Middle East.

If you want to know more about all this there is Wikipedia.

Another problem is that the PA does not even govern all of the Palestinians.

About 60 per cent of the Palestinians live in the West Bank, with the other 40 per cent living in the Gaza Strip. Gaza is ruled by the Iranian backed terrorist group Hamas, which refuses to acknowledge Israel in any form whatsoever and is implacably committed to Israel’s destruction.

Hamas has already denounced the negotiations and are screaming to anyone who will listen that the PA does not have the authority to negotiate with Israel on their (Hamas’) behalf.

Sadly, they have a point.

Some final points about these upcoming negotiations;

-Nobody expects much to come out of them. They are both only entering them in order to placate the US, which is trying to “fix” the Israeli-Palestinian conflict so that it can concentrate on other problems like Iran and Al Qaida. About the only thing that the Israelis and Palestinian agree on is that the US has unrealistic expectations.

-This might actually be a good thing. If expectations are low, than frustration and disappointment will also be low. If the Palestinians get angry, frustrated and disappointed, they tend to start rioting. This is a historical reality. The PA Police have already broken up a couple of different demonstrations against the talks in Ramallah and other Palestinian cities.

-On September 26 Israel’s self imposed moratorium on building in Jewish settlements in the West Bank expires. The PA says they want the moratorium extended or they’ll quit the talks. The Israeli government is so far refusing to extend it. In the past, the PA has said that they will not rule out a return to violence if they don’t see any hope that negotiations will get them what they want. This situation needs a lot of prayer.

The Temple Mount and the Old city of Jerusalem is one of the topics of the "peace talks".

-In addition to being the first day of these negotiations, September 1 is also the first day of school in Israel. If a violent terror organization wanted to scuttle the negotiations, there would be no better way for them to do it than by carrying out a terror attack on an Israeli school during this day. So please be praying for the protection of these kids and those who are guarding them.

There is much, MUCH more to the story than what I’ve written here but I’m afraid you’re going to have to check out the Wikipedia articles, etc. in order to flesh out your knowledge.

A good start would be to read the essay at this link, posted by one of Israel’s premier think tanks;

This is just a quick note which I hope all of you find useful as you direct your prayers on this very important topic.

Read also the views of the Israeli Prime Minister:

God bless you all.

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