France to give Lebanon killer bombs to fight Israel

100 hot anti-tank missiles from France will make Lebanon capable of attacking the Galilee.

Lets fight Israel together. French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner and Lebanese Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri shake hands in Beirut.

Israel and the U.S. are attempting to prevent a French-Lebanese arms deal, the Arabic daily Asharq al-Awsat reported Friday.

French Defense Minister Herve Moran offered to sell Lebanon 100 HOT anti-tank missiles for the Gazelle helicopters already in use by the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF).

Washington has grown increasingly skittish over arming the Lebanese military amid concerns that the LAF may become engaged in a fight with Israel, an American ally, or be co-opted by the terrorist group Hizbullah.

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

The IDF has been alarmed by the arms race going on inside Lebanon. Both Iran and Syria has given the Islamic terrorist organization advanced rockets, that can hit Tel Aviv.

Now France is ready to equip the regular Lebanese army with missiles that can halt an Israeli tank defense of the northern part of Israel.

Israel can not allow Iran to use Lebanon as an attack base. Within a certain amount of time, Israel will have to strike this kind of advanced weapons during their installation.  When the Lebanese have been fully trained to use these weapons against Israel, radical Islam will take the command over them, and use them.

Israel has the right to self defense.

2 thoughts on “France to give Lebanon killer bombs to fight Israel

  1. Sounds more like WWIII preparation. Back in May 2008 the Financial Oracle predicted the election of Obama and the goals of the elite of the world. Said these elite bankers were responsible for WWI and WWII. They financed both sides, didn’t care which side won, only to get the financial teeth into both and or the one that prevailed. So, that being said, I have read recently that the US also provided Lebanon weapons, now why are they concerned what France is doing. Ah hogwash. The western powers are building both sides in preparation for the biblical battle to unfold soon.

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