Vatican Cardinals exposes pagan worship in their banners

A Christian will never use pagan symbols, images and idols. Roman Catholic Cardinals have put them inside their own banners.

Cardinal Ratzinger with his red saturno hat, used by Vatican Cardinals.

Symbolism is also important. Lets take a deeper look:

The Cardinal William Baum of Washington DC has a banner that looks like a Pakistani flag. You might not find it funny, that a Vatican appointed Cardinal has a banner than looks like the national emblem of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Banner or emblem of Cardinal William Baum

This emblem has the classical crescent moon found in Islamic symbols, and mixed with the color green, this cardinal could be a representative of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

The national emblem of the republic of Pakistan.
Islamic symbols
Cardinal Baum dressed in their traditional color of red.

The double cross used by the Vatican Cardinals is not a Christian symbol.

It is a symbol of betrayal, and a symbol of the dragoon in the occult, and within Satanism.  This Papal symbol is similar to the double cross used by the ancient Orthodox Byzantine “Church”, that had the double headed eagle as their symbol. This is a symbol that is in use among freemasons.

Symbol of the ancient Orthodox Byzantine Church.

Cardinal Paulo Evaristo of Sao Paulo of Brazil has the symbol of the Egyptian sun god on his banner.  His pagan Egyptian symbol is on top of a T, that is penetrated by s sword.

Banner of Cardinal Paulo Evaristo.

The likeness of the symbol of the Egyptian sun god is striking. Its almost impossible not to acknowledge that the Vatican is a copycat of the pagan Egyptian original.

Ancient Wall painting in Egypt with Isis and baby Horus.

Isis is the mother of gods, also the Egyptian sun god.
Isis from Hathor in Egypt.
Cardinal Paulo Evaristo.

You have to ask cardinal Paulo why he wants to promote this pagan image.

Edmund Casimir Cardinal Szoka is the President Emeritus of the Governatorate of Vatican City State. His banner looks like the flag of Turkey, and has a crescent moon in its center.

Banner of Cardinal Szoka.
The emblem of the Turkish national police

Catholic order of St. Patrick.
The star and medals of the grand master of the order of the Holy Sepulchre.

Edmund Casimir Cardinal Szoka

Cardinal Albert Vanhoye was born in France, and is a priest that represent the Jesuits who has formed the “Society of Jesus”. His banner must be the best proof there is, that the Roman Catholic celebration of the Eucharist, is worship of the sun god.  A more visual evidence can hardly be found inside the Vatican system.

Banner of Cardinal Albert Vanhoye.
Official emblem of the Ecuharist in the Vatican. The crescent moon and the sun is worshiped.
Assyrian Baal suncrest, symbol of moon and sun worship.
The Asyrian wall inscription in full.
A Roman Catholic gold stand that holds up the Eucharist. The sun and crescent moon is worshiped.
Cardinal Albert Vanhoye

What about the Pope. Is he the symbol of the sun god, called “The Holy Father”? Lets take a look a look at a tablet of the sun god baal from British Museum, collected from Babylon in Iraq.

The similarities with the Papal Chair in Rome and sun symbols in the Vatican can not be denied.
St. Peters Square in the Vatican seen from the air.
The floor in front of the Pope is full of sun god symbols, similar to those in ancient Babylon.

Why is all the cardinals dressed in red, a color that is the basic color on all the Vatican appointed Cardinals?

Did you know that they have taken their name and colors from a bird that is found in North and South America?

Just google “cardinal”, and click image and you will see.

Funny, is it not.

We have to be able to see the humoristic side of this, also.

I have earlier proved that the crescent moon can be found inside the golden stand that hold up the wafer host in every Catholic mass.

That the crescent moon is also to be found at the very top of the dome inside St. Peters Basilica, must be more than a funny coincident. Just google “dome Vatican”, and take a look at multiple images available.

That this symbol used in the heart of Islam is found just above the Papal throne in Rome, is another example that displays that “Allah” and the “god” of the Pope is the same.

The late Pope kisses the Koran

Another proof of this, is the picture of the late Pope kissing the Koran.

No wonder why Roman Catholic Bishops claims the Koran to be a “Holy Book”, and that all religions points towards the same “god”

What more do you need to put on your shoes, dust them and leave the Roman Catholic claimed to be a “Christian Church” ?

That the Cardinals have taken their names and colors from a American bird, is  funny. That the late Pope did kiss the Koran, is not funny at all.

Many images will show you the Islamic crescent moon on the top in the dome in the Vatican.

The Roman Catholic “Church” is full of paganism, deceptions and religious wickedness. The leadership has made the Catholics members of a Satanic cult. Please run for your life….

37 thoughts on “Vatican Cardinals exposes pagan worship in their banners

  1. Do they deny this? In writings of Church fathers they admit to borrowing Pagan traditions to make convertions easier.

    The color red has been an ancient revered color. Many peoples and Biblical descriptions of first man (adam) are man of red earth, or some say clay. The Egyptians, phonecians, minoans were all referred to as red. And we even see homo habilis and Neanderthals being buried with red ochre as decoration. So cardinals being red probably stems from long before the bird.

    I think almost every ritual and icons are stolen from Pagan religions. I do so with evidence, not on faith. Not much looks orthodox Jewish so it came from somewhere. bdrex

    1. Dear Bdrex.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      Do Rome deny the use of pagan symbols? Do they use them to make conversion easier?

      My question is: Conversions to what?

      It looks more like promotion of syncretism and universialism. The word “Catholic” means Universal.

    1. Dear American delight.


      I have read the comics of Alberto. Some of them are useful. In regards to Islam, I do not believe this false religion is an invention by Rome. In 600 A.D the Bishop of Rome had not been elevated in the Arabic World.

      Rome it self was in chaos and decline. The Catholic World was soon to be invaded by Arabian Muslim forces.

      There had already been moon worshipers in Mecca since before Jesus came in flesh. Muhammad removed the Idols of the moon worshipers, all but one. The Black stone.

      Please read this link:

      1. Interesting. Aren’t the daughters of Allah (or daughters of moon & sun) what got Salman Rushdie in trouble?

    1. Dear Ed.


      Double cross is a sign of betrayal. It is a symbol of he dragon within the occult, and within Satanism.

      We do not know the shape of the cross that Jesus died on. But does that matter? He was crucified, and executed in the most shameless way the Roman citizens could think off. The mad Jewish crowed, instigated by the Priestly class, also shouted: Crucify Him!

      1. Dear Ed and all my readers.


        I have added a symbol to the story. The symbol is the ancient symbol of the Orthodox Byzantine Church. The symbol has a double cross, and a double headed eagle.

      2. I disagree with you there. Crucifixion was a common death penalty in Rome. Ponchus Pilot, according to the bible testimony considered Jesus to be a just man. The Jews alone wanted Jesus crucified, not to say all jews but the scribes and pharises did, to preserve their worldy temple, traditions, which Jesus destroyed. As they had destroyed his earthly temple which was the body of Christ. Leaving only the spiritual temple of the risen body of Christ.

      3. Dear Ed.

        The Romans practiced many forms of executions. A Roman Citizen would never be crucified, without being found to be an enemy of the Emperor. Remember, the Jewish mob said exactly this about Jesus, with the motive of getting him crucified. Pontius Pilate did not find enough evidence based on accusations of blasphemy against the Hebrew God, to make Jesus suffer such a curse, of being crucified.

      4. I take back that they wanted him dead solely to preserve their traditions. The book of John Jesus says they misunderstood the scriptures of the old testament and probably thought they were doing the right thing.

        I haven’t read the part about Ponchus Pilot in a while. I recall they had a choice between Jesus and I think it was a murderer to punish. They chose to punish Jesus so he perhaps got the penalty of the murderer. I would have to reread it.

  2. But I suppose Roman law allowed them to give the death penalty to someone who had been judged as a just man or at least not found guilty.

    1. So it seems Jesus and the Jewish people are even. They destroyed his earthly temple and he destroyed theirs. Ponchus Pilot washed his hands of it but were they really clean? As the authority he had the power to stop the cruxifiction and didn’t. So the final score is Jesus vs. the unjust Roman authority. I’m going to bet on Jesus 🙂

  3. If we read letters and extrabiblical sources, like Josephus and the dead sea scrolls, we will see the Jews were outraged by colonization and Roman domination. It had to be the Romans who wanted Jesus out of the way, their actions later, killing James destroying the temple and outlawing Jews in Jerusalem, prove the problems between Rome and Jews.
    Thanks for the interesting dialogue, bdrex.

  4. The catholic church is totally apostate, the 7 headed Hydra of Rome. In every reading of history Jesus is crucified by the Romans. Never understood how that meant the Jews did it.

    1. John 18 Read it clearly! verse 3 who are the band of men and officers from the chief priest and Pharisees? Let’s read verse 12: Than the band and the captains and officers of the JEWS took Jesus and bound him. Now if you really want something to think about let’s read Rev 2:9 I know thy works and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou are rich) and know the blasphemy of those which say they are Jews and are not but are the synagogue of Satan. Let’s go to Rev 3:9 Behold, I will make them of the Synagogue of Satan which say they are Jews and are not but do lie; behold I will make them to come worship before thy feet and to know that I have loved thee. We have a Parable of the Fig tree taking place that should be understood. Yes I know about the Roman empire written in Daniel 2 as the 4th empire and it leads to Daniel 7 and knowing who the 2 horns are which is in Rev 13:11This 1st verse especially but the rest of the verses to 18 we are seeing coming forth today. Rome is two empires one of the West and one of the East in Russia (Moscow)today but was once in Constantinople, Turkey.

  5. Excellent Ivar.

    ‘Therefore ‘Come out from among them and be separate,’ says the Lord. ‘Do not touch what is unclean, and I will receive you. I will be a Father to you, and you shall be My sons and daughters,’ says the Lord Almighty.” 2 Corinthians 6:14-18

    There is no excuse for adding to the Scriptures, and adding paganism to win saints. The Gospel is enough. The Blood is enough. Christ is enough. The Holy Spirit convicts. There is no need to compromise truth by adding paganism to the mix. The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation, NOTHING can be added to this gold standard.

    Rom 1:16 (NIV) I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is
    the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first
    for the Jew, then for the Gentile.

    1. Dear Sue.

      Shalom, and thanks for blessing me.

      There are two ways ahead of every Christian. One that leads to Rome, and one that leads back to the Jewish root of our Faith. Let every Christian obey the Spirit or God, and chose wisely. The road to Rome has always been full of good intentions, and the blood of the saints of Jesus of Nazareth.

    1. Dear Kittykit.

      Shalom, and welcome back to minister on this blog. May Jesus the Messiah bless you with all kind of heavenly blessings. Amen.

  6. The temples of Jesus were bare, without crosses, statues, adornments. Nothing to detract from the glory of God. No wine was ever turned to blood, nothing divine claimed through rabbi.

    Baal had a ritual celebration in Tarsas, where after the wine was made a celebration ensued. The ritual began with praise to Baal (who represented the grape vine) who died each fall and was reborn each easter.

    The priest ate the body of their christ—the grape, and drank the blood of Baal— Wine. In other places the Gods had different names, Dionysis in Rome. Paganism is all over the Gospels.

    Casting out seven demons, seven demons are Pagan belief related to the seven deadly sins of greece. So, eliminating Pagan parts is tough.

    1. Dear bdrex.


      The life of Rabbi Jesus was simplistic. He could have been carried on the shoulders of men, and live in Palaces. He chose not. His ultimate temptation was when the devil offered Him the splendor of all the Kingdoms of the face of the Earth. The Messiah could have bowed down and submit to Satan.

      The Bible says friendship with the World, makes you an enemy of God. All of us must chose wisely.

      1. There is one line of men that does like to get carried about on men’s shoulders and live in palaces.

        What a stark contrast between these guys and men like Peter and Paul, etc. Maybe they accepted the offer from Satan.

    1. and to that I reply:

      John 8:24 I told you that you would die in your sins; if you do not believe that I am [the one I claim to be], you will indeed die in your sins.”

      Repent for the Kingdom of heaven is near!

  7. Found this sight looking up the symbolism of the red cardinal in paganism. My new neighbour (30+yrs) is a very new Christian, and is comming out of the drug culture. Today I talked to her and she mentioned having an ongoing problem with red cardinal birds flying up to her car while driving or unusual encounters with them watching outside her house. I asked her if she had any friends in satenism or freemasons. She has a number of manfriends and a freemason is one of them; no satenist that she knows of. ~ I asked her when she started seeing the birds and she said when her Mom died. I know spirit guides are demonic and people in satenism and paganism can use animals to spy on people. Why do you suppose she is a target by the evil ones? Do you think she needs a generational curse broken off her and if so let us ask Yeshua how to pray and if it is necessary to know what sect of paganism her ancestors came from in order to break any oaths they have spoken (any claims saten thinks he has)

    1. Annette,

      Spiritual warfare and generational curse breaking is a dangerous heresy that started with the Latter Rain Movement and has spread by the New Apostolic Reformation. Nowhere in the Bible does it say to get into “warfare with demons” or break generational curses. I hate this teaching because I was deceived by it for a short time and it is a blasphemous lie.

      Reading into seeing red cardinals flying in the sky and calling it some supernatural experience is Shamanism. You are getting caught up into the occult.

      Don’t mislead your new Christian friend with false teachings.
      Find a Bible believing church and start attending on a regular basis. Let the pastor’s deal with any questions she has regarding what is happening to her and please stay out of it until you have a better grip about what the truth of God’s word says.

      Get back to basics, trusting in Jesus Christ alone, His Word, and the indwelling Holy Spirit.

      Your friend doesn’t need to start engaging in battles with satan.

      If you are interested on how Jesus rebuked Satan, do a Google search and follow His lead. One things He tells us is to put on the full Armor of God through prayer. (Eph. 6:10-18).

      There is so much error being spread in these last days with so many deceived by false teachings. Blind guides leading the blind.

      God Bless.

  8. Hi Annette,

    I agree with JM, that true believers in Christ have nothing to fear spiritually from demons. Even if there was a flood of them around us, we could cut through them like a boat through water. It is not our power that does this, but the Lord’s power (we also have ministering angels who guard God’s children—at the Lord’s pleasure. (Hebrews 1:14)

    I also agree with JM that believers need to learn to battle Satan through prayer and by means of the word—that is the example that Jesus set. In the Temptation, He rebuked Satan three times using just the Scriptures. He also undoubtedly had many ministering angels about Him (the text says so). He seems to have been totally comfortable in His battles with Satan and we can be too in His power and might and in the strength of His word.

    In the case of ministering to unbelievers who are beset by demons, it is sometimes necessary to take a stand such as the one taken by the Apostle Paul (Acts 16:16-18) with the demon-possessed slave girl. Notice, in the account, that Paul had no fear—rather he got to the end of his patience and rebuked the demon out of exasperation, using the name of Jesus. It is our position as a believer that enables this ability. In our flesh, we have nothing (as can be seen in the case of the unbelieving “Seven Sons of Sceva in Acts 19, starting in verse 13). Note also, that Paul and Silas were beaten and thrown into jail (they were protected spiritually, but not necessarily from the free-will actions of evil men). However, as a result, they were afforded the opportunity to minister to the Philippian Jailer.

    I agree with JM that there are some who seem to make a fetish out of “casting out Satan”. Jesus mildly reproved His disciples for marveling over their ability to cast out demons. We need to have a matter-of-fact attitude about it—understanding that a believer might go through his or her whole life without encountering an unbeliever who needs to be released from a demon. (Although it is becoming more common as the times become much darker spiritually.) Too often, I have seen Charismatics and Pentecostals become quite proud of their “discernment” and their “power to cast out” demons. I think this is very fleshly and confuses many. I agree with JM that it ascribes more power to Satan than he actually has and it borders on dabbling in the occult. I have seen them “cast out the demon of drug addiction” or “the demon of alcoholism” when, it would be far more appropriate (and do doubt, more effective) to fast and pray for the person afflicted by those besetting sins (as well as asking the afflicted person to do the same). Since the sin of drug addiction and alcholism, etc. are sins of the flesh, strengthening that person’s will to resist the flesh, through fasting and prayer is a much better course.

    Hope this helps,


    1. Dear Ellen,

      Good post!

      I have also been to those Charismatic and Pentecostal churches where the focus was battling satan in the pride of the flesh. The services would often turn into a state of uncontrolled behavior with the entire congregation screaming, “get out of here, satan. ‘I’ rebuke you. You must obey ‘me’! Do as ‘I’ say satan.”

      I shudder remembering even going to those churches that were filled with error and deception. It was exhausting to listen to, and even more so when one attempted to battle satan on their own. The Bible says that the battle belongs to the Lord and it is only by His power and might that we have the victory.

      It is also interesting to learn that the armor spoken about in Ephesians 6 is all defensive. We don’t war with satan by screaming at him and shaking our fists, but rather the scripture instructs us four times to just STAND on the victory already completed at the cross.

      From Eternal Life Ministries:

      “Our protection from the enemy comes not at our wielding the name of Jesus boldly at Satan, but from running to our Lord & hiding under the shadow of the Almighty! (Ps. 91:1-5) In fact, we’re told to submit to God, resist the devil (by refusing to give into his temptations & harassments) and humble ourselves, submitting to God. As we do this, we are resisting the devil and he must flee. As we draw near to God, He draws near to us. That includes confession & forsaking sin, sorrowing over sin, & humbly trusting in the Lord—who will lift us up. (James 4:6-10 and 1 Peter 5:6-10) We are reassured that though we may suffer awhile, the God of all grace will establish, perfect and strengthen us.

      “Colossians 1:13 says once we are in Christ, we are already delivered out of Satan’s dominion. So there is no need to fear that Satan can harm us—we belong to our Heavenly Father. Jude 1 says we are “kept in Jesus Christ.” Romans 8:28-39 reminds us that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ. Not even demons.

      “According to Jude 8-16, the idea of a believer speaking boldly against the devil is regarded as foolish and inviting trouble. Notice even Michael the archangel did not feel it his place to rebuke Satan.

      He simply said “THE LORD REBUKE YOU!” He left spiritual warfare to the Lord of Hosts.”

      1. Good post, JM!

        Like you, I have been very put-off by those who believe that they have any power on their own to deal with demonic forces.

        The passage in Jude really does indicate that it is improper to “mess with” demons. Nowhere in Scripture are we told to “attack” Satan’s forces. I agree that we are merely told to “stand” and “resist” Satan and his demons. It has always been my thought that a typical believer has a much more difficult time resisting his/her own flesh and worldliness than incursions from Satan (although Satan certainly functions as the Tempter). We don’t really understand very well how all of that works together to produce sin but the Book of James instructs in 1:13-15—“When tempted, no one should say, “God is tempting me.” For God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone; but each one is tempted when, by his own evil desire, he is dragged away and enticed. Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death.” Notice that it is our own evil desires which start the “sin ball” rolling. We gain the victory through resisting our own impulses to sin by the power of God’s Spirit—not some spiritual parlour trick.

  9. Hey, Ivar,

    Good post! Why would the Pope call his hat a “saturno”, I wonder? The Roman god, Saturn, ate each of his children after they were born (his wife tricked him out of eating the last one).

    By the way, the double-headed bird is actually a Phoenix. Masons will sometimes call it an “eagle” but know that it is a Phoenix which has much evil mythological significance.

  10. You should be happy about your Nordic pagan roots, Ivar Fjeld, or are you also against democracy, the long lasting Nordic system, based on eternal feminine virtues like mutuality, communication and inclusiveness? What inner weaknesses do you fear so much that you have to create these absurd anti-Mary-appeals?

    Your focus on Utøya is excellent, to point out the leftist blindness and hypocricy, the leftist’s weird and illogical ‘cult’ of the Islamic world, a world whose values are the opposite of the Nordic basic values of precisely democracy and respect for your next. But please, leave the cult of the Madonna alone! It is clear that people in this world, so dominated by male violence, long for motherly love and sweetness. That’s all there is to it, can’t you see that?

    1. Dear Carrie Newton

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      You wrote:

      You should be happy about your Nordic pagan roots, Ivar Fjeld, or are you also against democracy, the long lasting Nordic system.

      My reply:

      Democracy, a Nordic system….?…Norway was under Swedish dictatorship till 1905 A.D…Norwegians not being free to rule them selves.

      Let me remind you that the students of Jesus cast lots, electing the man to replace Judas. That was about 1.900 years, before Norway gained independence.

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