A Christian will never use pagan symbols, images and idols. Roman Catholic Cardinals have put them inside their own banners.

Cardinal Ratzinger with his red saturno hat, used by Vatican Cardinals.

Symbolism is also important. Lets take a deeper look:

The Cardinal William Baum of Washington DC has a banner that looks like a Pakistani flag. You might not find it funny, that a Vatican appointed Cardinal has a banner than looks like the national emblem of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Banner or emblem of Cardinal William Baum

This emblem has the classical crescent moon found in Islamic symbols, and mixed with the color green, this cardinal could be a representative of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

The national emblem of the republic of Pakistan.
Islamic symbols
Cardinal Baum dressed in their traditional color of red.

The double cross used by the Vatican Cardinals is not a Christian symbol.

It is a symbol of betrayal, and a symbol of the dragoon in the occult, and within Satanism.  This Papal symbol is similar to the double cross used by the ancient Orthodox Byzantine “Church”, that had the double headed eagle as their symbol. This is a symbol that is in use among freemasons.

Symbol of the ancient Orthodox Byzantine Church.

Cardinal Paulo Evaristo of Sao Paulo of Brazil has the symbol of the Egyptian sun god on his banner.  His pagan Egyptian symbol is on top of a T, that is penetrated by s sword.

Banner of Cardinal Paulo Evaristo.

The likeness of the symbol of the Egyptian sun god is striking. Its almost impossible not to acknowledge that the Vatican is a copycat of the pagan Egyptian original.

Ancient Wall painting in Egypt with Isis and baby Horus.

Isis is the mother of gods, also the Egyptian sun god.
Isis from Hathor in Egypt.
Cardinal Paulo Evaristo.

You have to ask cardinal Paulo why he wants to promote this pagan image.

Edmund Casimir Cardinal Szoka is the President Emeritus of the Governatorate of Vatican City State. His banner looks like the flag of Turkey, and has a crescent moon in its center.

Banner of Cardinal Szoka.
The emblem of the Turkish national police

Catholic order of St. Patrick.
The star and medals of the grand master of the order of the Holy Sepulchre.

Edmund Casimir Cardinal Szoka

Cardinal Albert Vanhoye was born in France, and is a priest that represent the Jesuits who has formed the “Society of Jesus”. His banner must be the best proof there is, that the Roman Catholic celebration of the Eucharist, is worship of the sun god.  A more visual evidence can hardly be found inside the Vatican system.

Banner of Cardinal Albert Vanhoye.
Official emblem of the Ecuharist in the Vatican. The crescent moon and the sun is worshiped.
Assyrian Baal suncrest, symbol of moon and sun worship.
The Asyrian wall inscription in full.
A Roman Catholic gold stand that holds up the Eucharist. The sun and crescent moon is worshiped.
Cardinal Albert Vanhoye

What about the Pope. Is he the symbol of the sun god, called “The Holy Father”? Lets take a look a look at a tablet of the sun god baal from British Museum, collected from Babylon in Iraq.

The similarities with the Papal Chair in Rome and sun symbols in the Vatican can not be denied.
St. Peters Square in the Vatican seen from the air.
The floor in front of the Pope is full of sun god symbols, similar to those in ancient Babylon.

Why is all the cardinals dressed in red, a color that is the basic color on all the Vatican appointed Cardinals?

Did you know that they have taken their name and colors from a bird that is found in North and South America?

Just google “cardinal”, and click image and you will see.

Funny, is it not.

We have to be able to see the humoristic side of this, also.

I have earlier proved that the crescent moon can be found inside the golden stand that hold up the wafer host in every Catholic mass.

That the crescent moon is also to be found at the very top of the dome inside St. Peters Basilica, must be more than a funny coincident. Just google “dome Vatican”, and take a look at multiple images available.

That this symbol used in the heart of Islam is found just above the Papal throne in Rome, is another example that displays that “Allah” and the “god” of the Pope is the same.

The late Pope kisses the Koran

Another proof of this, is the picture of the late Pope kissing the Koran.

No wonder why Roman Catholic Bishops claims the Koran to be a “Holy Book”, and that all religions points towards the same “god”

What more do you need to put on your shoes, dust them and leave the Roman Catholic claimed to be a “Christian Church” ?

That the Cardinals have taken their names and colors from a American bird, is  funny. That the late Pope did kiss the Koran, is not funny at all.

Many images will show you the Islamic crescent moon on the top in the dome in the Vatican.

The Roman Catholic “Church” is full of paganism, deceptions and religious wickedness. The leadership has made the Catholics members of a Satanic cult. Please run for your life….