The “peace process” is the biggest treat to peace

The biggest threat to peace might be the peace process or, more precisely, the illusion that there is one.

Arab Islamic mob runs with an Israeli flag to put in on fire infront of western Journalists.

The mirage becomes the reason for maintaining its imaginary “momentum” by extorting concessions from Israel.

Israel has treaties with two Arab nations, Egypt and Jordan, and Israel’s most lethal enemy is Iran, which is not an Arab state.

Israel has changed what it can, its own near neighborhood. Faced with unrelenting Palestinian irredentism, withdrawal from the West Bank would bring Tel Aviv’s Ben-Gurion Airport within range of short-range rockets fired by persons overlooking the runways.

So, the feasibility of such a withdrawal depends on how much has changed since 1974, when Yasser Arafat received a standing ovation at the United Nations when he said Israel had no right to exist.

Thirty-six years later, Israelis can watch West Bank Palestinian television incessantly inculcating anti-Semitism and denial of Israel’s right to exist. Cigarette lighters sold on the West Bank show, when lit, the World Trade Center burning.

Source: OP-ED by George F. Will (Washington Post)

My comment:

The so-called “Peace process” should rather be called the “end of Zionist Israel process”. Because that is what the Islamic World wants to achieve as a gift from sleeping and naive Western politicians.

The so-called Arab Palestinians do want either an quick end to the Jewish state, or a Status Quo that secures the continuation of billions of  dollars and Euros in “aid” to them.  The last thing this claimed to be a “people” wants, is to be forced to rule them selves in a formalized statehood, that has to live in “peace” with Israel.

4 thoughts on “The “peace process” is the biggest treat to peace

  1. The Palestinians are crazy even to consider talking to Israel when it continues to build on Palestinian lands in Jerusalem and the West Bank. Also, without the involvement of Hamas, the talks are meaningless. The prediction that the negotiations will be complete “successfully” within one year shows that Obama and Hillary Clinton are completely delusional. They seem to live in a different planet.🙂

    1. Dear Rupert.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      Why is there a need for a “peace process” in the Middle East”?

      I guess Israel is not giving threats to anyone. To the radical opposite, Iran has given multiple treats of destroying the Jewish Nation. Its proxy HizbAllah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza do have the same objectives in mind.

      Why do you side with the Radical Islamic troublemakers?

  2. None of that is going to happen, therefore the two sides are never going to stop fighting unless and until one of them is forced to do so. Period, end of sentence, end of paragraph, end of story. They have, as we say in the law, “irreconcilable differences.” Unfortunately, they cannot divorce nor divest, which is usually the remedy for same. So this will go on. Forever. It’s not going to stop. Ever. 🙂

  3. I think the idea of the peace process is this. If we could bring peace to the middle east then the world would be pretty good, good enough for us.

    But still the ten commandments that nobody can keep testify against us, also the gospel of Jesus testifies against us. If you live in a house with 20 years of bad home improvements you can turn the lights off and be fairly happy. Jesus said “I am the light of the world” and there are those of us who would look to him and say; Who left the lights on.

    So, If we could get rid of those things, replace them with anything that does not speak then the world would be good enough for us. This is the path to destruction.

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