“Palestinian refugees” wants aid but no return to the “West Bank”

“Palestinian refugee camps” have no tents. They are residential areas with beauty salons and Internet cafes.

A Palestinian "refugee" in Jordan receive free aid from United Nations.

The right of return for “Palestinian refugees” is a major sticking point in the upcoming U.S.-sponsored Middle East peace talks. But some younger Palestinians have never laid eyes on their ancestral homeland. They say they do not actually want to go back.

“On the record, because it is politically incorrect to say otherwise, all of them would say, “Yes”, we would return to Palestine.’ But once you sit with them in private, you hear a very different point of view,” says political analyst Sami Mubayyed.

With generations of Palestinians now having lived in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East, they have established deep roots outside their ancestral homeland.

The UN distributes aid in the Hussein Refugee Camp, a place just like any other neighborhood in any Jordanian city.

Yasser Jamous, 23, lives in a Syrian neighborhood identified as a refugee camp, but there are no tents or slums in sight. It is a residential area with beauty salons and Internet cafes.

Source: BBN News.

My comment:

No Arab has the right to call him self a “Palestinian refugee”. Before the Israeli war of independence started in 1948, the first Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion offered all the Muslim Arabs Israeli citizenship if they chose not to fight and destroy the Jewish state.

Two million Arabs accepted the offer. The large majority of them are Muslims, called Israeli Arabs. Today they live inside the only free and democratic state in the Middle East.

What happened to the Arabs who declined the offer from Ben-Gurion?

They were promised by other Arab nations a quick Islamic victory over the Jews, and sided with the enemies of God’s plan of bringing the Jews  bring home to Zion.

Other Arabs who lived inside Israel before 1948, decided to join the fight for the destruction of the Jewish nation. Rightly they should try to make a fresh start in the surrounding Arabic nations that lured and deceived them.

One thought on ““Palestinian refugees” wants aid but no return to the “West Bank”

  1. If I had not already decided long, long ago that Bill Bonner is just right when he says that people come to believe the things they need to believe when they need to believe them, I would have no logical explanation for how anybody can believe in “the peace process.” Israel is not going to give up Jerusalem, nor allow itself to be un-Jewished at a blow by granting the “Right of Return.” The Palestinians are not going to settle for Jerusalem being held by Israel, nor will the surrounding Arab countries ever grant the sixty-year-plus “refugees” citizenship or take them out of their reverse Potemkin-villages. 🙂

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