“Palestinian refugees” wants aid but no return to the “West Bank”

“Palestinian refugee camps” have no tents. They are residential areas with beauty salons and Internet cafes.

A Palestinian "refugee" in Jordan receive free aid from United Nations.

The right of return for “Palestinian refugees” is a major sticking point in the upcoming U.S.-sponsored Middle East peace talks. But some younger Palestinians have never laid eyes on their ancestral homeland. They say they do not actually want to go back.

“On the record, because it is politically incorrect to say otherwise, all of them would say, “Yes”, we would return to Palestine.’ But once you sit with them in private, you hear a very different point of view,” says political analyst Sami Mubayyed.

With generations of Palestinians now having lived in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East, they have established deep roots outside their ancestral homeland.

The UN distributes aid in the Hussein Refugee Camp, a place just like any other neighborhood in any Jordanian city.

Yasser Jamous, 23, lives in a Syrian neighborhood identified as a refugee camp, but there are no tents or slums in sight. It is a residential area with beauty salons and Internet cafes.

Source: BBN News.

My comment:

No Arab has the right to call him self a “Palestinian refugee”. Before the Israeli war of independence started in 1948, the first Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion offered all the Muslim Arabs Israeli citizenship if they chose not to fight and destroy the Jewish state.

Two million Arabs accepted the offer. The large majority of them are Muslims, called Israeli Arabs. Today they live inside the only free and democratic state in the Middle East.

What happened to the Arabs who declined the offer from Ben-Gurion?

They were promised by other Arab nations a quick Islamic victory over the Jews, and sided with the enemies of God’s plan of bringing the Jews  bring home to Zion.

Other Arabs who lived inside Israel before 1948, decided to join the fight for the destruction of the Jewish nation. Rightly they should try to make a fresh start in the surrounding Arabic nations that lured and deceived them.

Shocked about how Catholic Church hid sex abuses

“I am shocked that the extent of the abuse in the church should have remained hidden for so long”.

Former Cabinet Minister Wim Deetman is shocked of how the "Church" has hid its crimes.

This is a statement by former Dutch cabinet minister Wim Deetman. He heads the inquiry of sex abuse by Catholic priests is the Netherlands. More than 900 victims of sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Church in the Netherlands have so far reported.

“Some perpetrators have also confessed”, Mr Deetman told Dutch daily de Volkskrant, although he has not yet had contact with them.

However, most of the cases of abuse took place so long ago they will no longer be liable to prosecution. Mr Deetman called on other abusers to come forward to try to make up for the harm they have caused.

Who knew what, and when? Cardinal Adrian Simonis, head of the Dutch Catholic Church.

The Christian Democrat statesman, appointed by the Catholic Church in May to head the inquiry into the sex abuse scandal, says that not all the victims are interested in receiving financial compensation.

“There are victims who only want to tell their story and have it investigated. There are many people who want help and guidance,” he said.

Two or three large meetings with victims are to be held in the coming months, Mr Deetman said, stressing that the inquiry would be listening to the victims, not merely providing information.

The inquiry also plans to establish an alternative channel to provide support for victims that is independent of the church’s own institute to investigate the abuse, Hulp & Recht (Help & Justice).

“Many victims have no confidence in Hulp & Recht,” he observed.  He has receive e-mails from victims in their 60s saying it was the first time they had told anyone about their experiences.

Source: Radio Netherlands Worldwide

Netanyahu used bureaucratic hurdles to freeze Jerusalem

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman confirms that constructions in Jerusalem was frozen to please Obama.

Barack Obama is going to bind the hands of Benjanin Netanyahu to end Zionism in Israel.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman seemed to confirm on Wednesday that despite the government’s statements that it did not stop building in Jerusalem during the 10-month settlement moratorium, construction in the capital’s Jewish neighborhoods beyond the Green Line has indeed been frozen.

Lieberman said that this situation should not continue after the settlement construction moratorium ends on September 26.

When he was asked in an Israel Radio interview for his position on extending the settlement housing-start moratorium so as not to derail the direct talks set to begin next week in Washington with the Palestinian Authority, Lieberman talked about the need to continue plans to develop 1,600 units in Jerusalem.

“Presently there are 1,000 housing units on the table in Ramot, another 600 housing units in neighborhoods like Gilo, east Talpiot, Har Homa and Pisgat Ze’ev. What, does someone expect that we will continue to freeze 1,600 housing units that went through all the [bureaucratic] procedures?” he asked.

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

I have earlier said that there was a De Facto building freeze in Jerusalem.

I have also claimed that Benjamin Netanyhau will be forced by Barack Obama to continue the building freeze after 26th of September.

On 27th of September we will come to know.

Iran issues fatwa against pets like cats and dogs

All Iranian media have been forbidden to publish any advertisements about pets or pet-related products.

Iranians with their pets. This photo has been published by the Iranian free press in exile.

The decision was made by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

The fatwa was issued as a Press release on Tuesday by Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi, from the the ministry’s Advertisement and Information Dissemination Office (AIDO).

“Based on his response, publishing any advertisement about keeping, buying, and selling pets is forbidden”, AIDO Director Alireza Karimi said.

In addition, ads promoting pet foods and shops selling pet accessories, especially for cats and dogs, have been banned by the fatwa, he added.

Karimi demanded that all the various media outlets decline to publish the above-mentioned ads. Based on shariah, a dog is essentially unclean.

Keeping pets, especially dogs and cats, has become remarkably common among Iranians, particularly those living in metropolitan areas. Police have been assigned the task of stopping people from walking in public or driving with their pets.

Months ago, Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi was asked a question about the cleanliness of dogs in shariah. Such a question, called an istifta, is a request by someone for a fatwa, a ruling based on shariah.

The istifta inquired why is a dog considered unclean under shariah despite a lack of any references to dogs in the Holy Quran.

In his response to the istifta, Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi emphasized that under shariah, dogs are indeed considered unclean. He said the uncleanliness of dogs is based upon riwayahs, reliable narrations handed down from the Prophet Muhammad (S) and his household (AS).

He described the current Iranian inclination toward dogs as “blindly imitating the West”; something that he believes will result in “evil outcomes.”

“Many people in the West love their dogs more than their wives and children,” he stated.

Source: Iranian News agencies.

My comment:

The Bibles says the deceivers will go from bad to worse, deceiving them selves and their listeners.

What good can the Islamic culture bring to the free and democratic nations in the West?

If the Iranian people do not get rid of this totalitarian corrupt, and evil Islamic regime, their leaders will not only rob them for their pets. The Iranian people will be robbed for their peace of mind, and eventually the salvation that is available for for all who obey Jesus of Nazareth.

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