Two kilos of Nuclear bomb fuel found in garage in Moldova

Uranium-238 is used to fuel nuclear bombs, like the one the crew of Engola Gay dropped on Hiroshima.

The American crew of Engola Gay did an act of massmurder, killing more than 100.000 people in the city of Hiroshima.

The Police in Moldova has seized almost two kilogrammes of the radioactive substance Uranium-238 from a suspected group of traffickers.

The radioactive substance had been brought to the city of Chisinau via contraband. The  people linked to the operation wanted to sell it for nine million euros (11 million dollars).

“The suspects are under arrest,” said a Moldovian Police officer, adding that they had previous convictions for possessing radioactive materials in Moldova, Russia and Romania.

He said the group of seven people included two former interior ministry officials who were now retired.

The identity of the substance was confirmed when one single gram was sent for analysis in the United States where it was confirmed to be Uranium-238, he added.

“Seven members of the criminal group came under suspicion of police in the middle of June when they started to look for ways of selling the radioactive material,” Motpan said.

It was not clear from where the substance was obtained. Experts have repeatedly expressed fears over traffickers obtaining nuclear materials from the former Soviet Union with the aim of selling them on to rogue groups in the hope of making so-called dirty bomb.

Uranium-238 is the commonest of the three radioactive isotopes of uranium.

It is not a fissile substance, which means that it cannot by itself unleash a chain reaction. But it can be converted to create plutonium — a source for nuclear power and nuclear warheads.

Multiple media sources.

My comment:

One gentlemen asked my a few days ago:

Is the World safer today, than during the Cold war?

Now, you judge for your self.

In Russia, hundreds of kilos of radioactive fuel that can trigger a nuclear bomb is unaccounted for.

In the hands of the Ayatollah of Iran or Osama Bin Laden, such materials will be seen as a blessing from “Allah”. If they ever gets their hand on a nuclear bomb, only Jesus the Messiah can save us.

He has promised to return in the darkest hour ever faced on Planet Earth. Let us submit our lives to Him, and every day of our life be ready to face His return.

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