The Prime Minister will continue the building freeze, and will continue with no building in Jerusalem.

MK Arieh Eldad is considered a rightwinger, that let Natanyahu face his own promises.

This is a statement by rightwing Member of Knesset  Aryeh Eldad. He think that Netanyahu will face and accept the demand to continue the building freeze. He will continue with no building in Jerusalem, which he has done from the first moment he was elected as Prime Minister.

“He did not build a single house in Jerusalem since elected, he did not hire a single contractor to build in Jerusalem, and he is doing nothing in Judea and Samaria either”. explain Eldad.

Why are you so sure that Netanyahu won’t stand strong?

MK Eldad:

“There are early signs for the collapse of Netanyahu. He has agreed to give land for the very acceptance of the Palestinians to sit with him. The ticket price he paid for direct talks was his agreement to build the road to a new Palestinian city called Roabi, near Ramallah”.

And he continues:

These are early signs that Netanyahu is very, very weak Once he said “no” to a Palestinian state, now he says “yes” to a Palestinian state. Once he said Jews can always build, now he says Jews cannot build. Once he said Israel will hold onto the Jordan valley, now he says he will accept an international body there. This is a total collapse, explains Eldad.

Source: Israeli National News.