The art of setting a future date for winning a war

President Obama is completely incompetent, and should be sacked as the Commander in Chief of the US armed forces.

President Obama greets US soldiers at an airforce base in Afghanistan.

Can the US President decide that the NATO war against Taliban will be won before July 2011?

The US president and David Cameron have both said a significant drawdown of troops would begin in 11 months’ time.
But General Petraeus appeared unconvinced, saying he would “certainly” advise Mr Obama if he thought the goal was unrealistic.

In his first major interview since assuming command of more than 140,000 coalition forces in Afghanistan last month, he said the reality “on the ground” would dictate whether it was possible.

Source: Telegraph UK, and multiple sources.

My comment:

It would have been quite irresponsible if Winston Churchill during World War II had set a date for withdrawal of British and US troops from mainland Europe.

The Western front in World War II in March-April 1945.

Lets say 1st of February 1945.

At that day the allied forces had not yet been able to cross the river Rhine, and the large majority of German soil was still controlled by the Nazis.

If the Western powers had pulled out, the Red army might not have been able to capture Berlin. On first of February, the Red army was still fighting the Germans inside Poland.

What a failure that would have been, and a betrayal of all who believed that freedom and democracy would be restored in Europe.

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