Hamas doctored “Help Doctors” office in Gaza established by French NGO

To say “thanks” to doctors from France, Hamas looted the office of their closed NGO.

French doctor Regis Garrigue (C), head of Help-Doctors attends to a Palestinian patient wounded during Israel's Gaza operation.

The French aid group “Help Doctors” accused Hamas on Wednesday of seizing equipment and files from one of its Gaza clinics in Khan Yunis which it closed on June 16.

“Four men from the (Hamas) interior ministry entered the clinic on Tuesday morning and seized computer equipment, telephones, chairs, office equipment and medical files,” the organization said in a statement.

The center, which specializes in the treatment of chronic illnesses, had cared for some 5,000 patients since it opened in April 2009.

Source: AFP and Help Doctors.

My comment:

The evil and insane terrorist organization Hamas has done it again. To loot the United Nations food depots in Gaza, can be explained by not excused. To loot a hospital for its emergency equipment, that is pure wickedness.

This is not the first time. Just some few weeks ago Hamas burned down a United Nation summer camp for Gaza youth.

When will this nightmare for the people of Gaza end?

It is not Israel who is the troublemaker. It is Koran believing members of Hamas.

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