Hamas completely ignore UN demand for explanation

While Israel has launched 150 investigations into claimed misconducts, Hamas has not even replied to the United Nations.

You do not have to be a complete idiot, but still be able to understand that Hamas is a terrorist organization. Richard Goldstone needs to repent.

After the Israeli operation Cast Lead into Gaza, the United Nations came up with The Goldstone report. The report concluded that there was a need to further investigation into accusations of war crimes against both Israel and Hamas.

Israel has launched over 150 investigations into misconduct and law violations, opened 47 criminal investigations, and initiated criminal prosecutions of four soldiers in separate incidents.

What has the Hamas done?

Nothing. The Palestinian Authority submitted the Palestinian report, which did not appear to include any input from Gaza’s Hamas rulers.

Hamas “appeared to have done nothing at all to investigate the alleged violations,” according to the UN Human Rights Council, which also slammed the Israeli investigation for falling short of being “thorough and impartial.”

Source: ICEJ.org

My comment:

The difference between Israel had Hamas is obvious. While Israel is a free and democratic nation that has to play by the book, Hamas is a terrorist organization, that governs in Gaza outside any forms of moral codes, humanistic principles  and international law.

While Israel take the United Nations seriously, Hamas ignores the global organization.

Its funny how the United Nations still keep on funding the Gaza-regime, by paying all its bills.

What a mad, mad world we live in.

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