Racist US President leads America and Israel towards destruction

Obama feels Muslims should be allowed to build Mosques anywhere in the US.

Muslim at heart. President Obama leads the US nation towards destruction.

The same Obama support the Arab World, where Muslims do not allow Jews to build anything. They do not even give Jews landing permits, or let Israeli airliners fly over their airspace.

The present President of the US do have “Hussein” as his middle name. The Obama administration is now lead into racism and bias. The commander in chief of The United States of America will favor Islam. Not because this is political correct, but as a part of his conviction.

Barack Hussein Obama is a Islamist by ideology. And as a protector of the US constitution, He can use the free and fair American Laws to impose on America a religious system that wants to abolish the freedoms that brought it to power.

This is similar to how Fascism took control over Southern and Central Europe. Men like Adolf Hitler was elected to power, based on an anti-Democratic ideology of imposing a theocratic rule.

The same US President who now supports a Mosque on Ground Zero, has forced Israel to freeze construction of synagogues. Not in America, but inside the Jewish Biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria. The US also wants Israel to stop building new synagogues in East Jerusalem.

In regards to Islam. Geert Wilders is right.

The US President is not only a racist, that supports Islamic supremacy.

Obama is also a coward, that will eventually sell out America to Islamic bankers for a penny.

The runaway US deficit will eventually force the US into two options: Bankruptcy or Islamic banking.

I do not agree with all the Dutch right wing politician Geert Wilders says and do. But in regards to Islam, he is right.

Islam has no right to enjoy the same freedom in the West, Islam denies their own people in the Arabic World.

If we are not intolerant towards the intolerant, we will loose our own freedom.

12 thoughts on “Racist US President leads America and Israel towards destruction

    1. Dear Fox.

      Shalom, and thanks for this comment. I did not know that people within Fox News are reading this blog. Please keep on warning America about this con man named Obama.

  1. Could also be he won’t pledge allegience to America because he is a British subject. His father was a British subject and his mother from a British colony. His grandmother witnessed his birth in Kenya, which would make him inelligle to be U.S. president. Since he lies about being a U.S. citizen he must not even be a naturalized citizen.

    God seperated the nations at the tower of Babel, to keep mankind from doing all that it imagined to do. Globalism and breaking down of national borders is the work of Satan. Coincidence that the EU building is designed to look like the tower of Babel? Or that Obama resists all efforts of U.S. states to defend borders from illegal immigration…

    1. Typical racists on the right. repeat lies till someone believes it. Ed, you idiot racist. anyone who understands kenyan knows his grandmother never made that statement, he was born in Hawaii. his birth certificate are the official papers of Hawaii they don’t use long forms. because i have one, too. The real liars and racists are you dolts who listen to faux lies, and the racist pig rushie. when’s the next KKK meeting?

      1. Dear Question man.

        Shalom, and welcome to this site.

        The article you commented on, do not raise the issue of the birth certificate of Obama. I have made a case against him for supporting Islam in America, and in the next breath ignoring the crimes of Islam in the Arab world.

        Obama is also acting like a racist in regards to the Jewish people. You can not promote Mosques on Manhattan and support Muslims refusing to let Jews build synagogues in Jerusalem and Saudi Arabia.

      2. Typical brainwashed American Obama supporter, everything and anything negative said about the man adds up to racism. Why then doesn’t he pledge allegiance to the United States? Isn’t that overwhelmingly obvious to you that his heart is not truly with America?

  2. I don’t think you should be calling Obama a Muslim apologetic because his mid name is Hussain. Also you should know it was his orders that finally killed bin laden. Not bad for the commander in chief eh? GWB spent 8 years and didn’t catch him. Obama was in office for 2 years and finally did what his predecessor failed.

  3. There are other reasons that I should have brought up. It’s all foreign policy. Besides Israel should respect the west bank and stop arming illegal settlers with guns to cause trouble. Israel has committed many atrocities that even the UN has to condemn but good ol USA will support a patch of land and promise 30 billion over the next decade. No wonder why US economy is a mess now.

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