NATO-Norway boycotts Israeli defense companies

The armed forces of Norway refuse to trade with Israeli companies.

Norwgian Defense Minister Grete Faremo and Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg.

The Norwegian Ministry of Defense was decided to purchase new helmets for the Norwegian army. Several Israeli defense contractors has been told not to submit tenders.

This is confirmed by the Norwegian tabloid daily “VG”.

One Israeli defense contractor has got the following written feedback from the Norwgian Ministry of Defense.

“The Ministry of Defense has considered the request, and concluded that Rabinex will not be allowed to bid for this contract. The decision is based on the extraordinary situation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict”

This letter is signed by Department deputy Chief, Per A. Christensen in a letter dated 9th of March 2009.

The Norwegian Minister of Defense Grete Faremo confirmed that five bid requests from Israeli defense contractors has been rejected.  Faremo explains the rejections of the Israeli companies on the tense political situation in the Middle East.

Norway do not export military equipment for Israel or any nations who is involved in war. Minister Faremo claims she is not in favor of a boycott is Israeli products, despite refusing Israeli companies to present tenders to the Norwegian defense forces.

Source:  Norwegian Newspaper “VG”

My comment:

To allow defense contractors from United Kingdom and United States, and simultaneously boycott Israeli is racism against the Jewish people.

And even worse: It is pure and evil hypocrisy.

Because, while the Government of the UK and the US is involved in wars against other nations, like Iraq and Afghanistan, Israel is only trying to defend her self.

To blame Israel for the tense situation in the Middle East, is to excuse Islam. Israel do not want to harm any other nation. Still 20 out of 22 Arabic nations have not even accepted the state of Israel’s right to exist.

To exclude Israel for bidding for Norwegian defense contracts is not only a boycott. Its an acceptance of Islamic terror. Its like saying.

” Is ok for Islamic terrorists to weaken Israel, and we will not lift a finger to help her”.

Shame on the government of Norway.

4 thoughts on “NATO-Norway boycotts Israeli defense companies

  1. This website is a piece of night soil. It knocks my President, then calls Norway out on confronting a passport fabricating, murdering Israel that knows jack about maritime laws.

    1. Dear Matt.

      Shalom, and tanks for being one of my critics. It helps me sharpen my pen, and calls me to repentance when I write something wrong. Please keep on commenting.

    1. Dear Matt.


      Thanks for this question. Absolutely not. This site has me as the editor, and you as a contributor. I am not an Israeli, and have never been.

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