Western newspaper spread Arabic propaganda against Israel

Four days they reported that Netanyahu was willing to give Abbas the so-called West Bank. Today the Western media give Europeans the reason to feel Israel is stubborn.

Mahmoud Abbas is bluffing all the way to the bank. And Western media supports the fraud.

13th of August all major European newspaper quoted the Arabic London Newspaper al-Shaqr al-Awsat. The report said that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had agreed to hand 90 per cent of the so-called West Bank over to Arab Palestinians.

Sunday, the Israel inner cabinet rebukes this report. Israel is not going to accept any Arabic demands of new pre conditions for direct peace talk.

What did the free press report from the Israeli cabinet meeting?

Nothing. Hardly anyone uses this chance to correct a false and speculative report from al-Shaqr al-Awsat. No one wants to expose the latest Arab Palestinian bluff.

This is want was reported yesterday on Ynet:

Israel’s inner cabinet decided Sunday not to agree to any preconditions by the Mideast Quartet regarding renewed direct negotiations with the Palestinians.

The Quartet is expected to issue an announcement on the matter in the coming days. “The Quartet declaration will likely be a fig leaf for stipulating preconditions on the part of the Palestinians, and this is unacceptable to us,” reported a senior official in Jerusalem. Israel will wait for a separate American declaration on the matter which will apparently not set any preconditions for launching direct talks.

Source: Ynet News

My comment:

This is not the first time Western Newspapers swallow and spread Arabian propaganda against Israel.

Very often we see the same pattern.

1. An Arabian newspaper quotes Mahmoud Abbas of having a positive attitude towards peace talks with Israel.

2. The Western media re-print  the story.

3. After global circulation, Arab Palestinians sends out a correction, denies the first report.

4. No Western media is interesting of telling the Europeans that the Arab Palestinian media are bluffing.

Not even Nazi-propaganda minister Joseph Goebbles had such a loyal corps of journalist publishing propaganda from Berlin.

If we take a look at how the Western media entertain any kinds of message from the Prime Ministers office in Jerusalem. They turn their back, and look the other way.

2 thoughts on “Western newspaper spread Arabic propaganda against Israel

  1. Western media is a string of chorus girls who shake it to whatever tune the money man is playing. Yeah, Goebbles had nothing on them. Learned that after 9/11. All of western media is owned by about three people. Ted Turner says christians are losers and gives billions to the U.N.

  2. How is it that we have so many English/French/Italian/Spanish speakers and list can carry on yet we the people do nothing about it? I am not expecting anything from the government any more but each one of us can post a reaction to things written in the media. All papers put their write-ups on line and the most of them are open to discussion. It is time that we the people reply. Learn our history! Gather information! Knowledge is our only weapon. Only via knowledge did Rabbi Yehuda Ha Levy manage to persuade the Kuzari King to think different. We have to use the same idea!

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