Atheists can be good people and lovers of Israel

Australian PM Julia Gillard is an atheist, a social democrat and a lover of Israel.

Julia Gillard greeted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 2009. This brave woman stood up for Israel during Operation Cast lead.

Do conservative Christians have monopoly on righteousness?

A Catholic Bishop, a Catch the fire pastor, a Anglican Bishop and a pentecostal leader disagree on the consequences of Australian PM Julia Gillard being an Atheist.

Barry Hickey

Perth Catholic Archbishop Barry Hickey has suggested Ms. Gillard’s atheism could cost her votes.

“Many Christians are concerned that someone who does not believe in God may not endorse the Christian traditions of respect for human life, for the sanctity of marriage and the independence of churches, church schools and church social welfare agencies,” Archbishop Hickey said.

Anglican Archbishop Roger Herft disagree.

Roger Heft

“Any statement which portrays the Christian faith as having some type of exclusivity to be the sole arbiter on matters of moral integrity and just policy-making are unhelpful and untrue,” Archbishop Herft told The Weekend Australian.

Pastor Danny Nalliah of Catch the Fire Ministries did released a statement giving five reasons not to vote Labor:

Danny Nalliah

” It would be a vote for the Greens, Prime Minister Julia Gillard is in a de facto relationship, she is childless, she is an atheist, and she refused to take an oath on the Bible”.

But fellow Pentecostal leader Mark Conner distanced himself from Mr Nalliah. Mr Conner, senior pastor at Melbourne’s biggest church, CityLife, said he was not concerned by Ms Gillard’s atheism:

Mark Conner

”Primarily you are looking at them to have what it takes to run the nation” – but felt Mr Rudd’s dumping would cost Labor more than the party realized.

Julia Gillard joined a delegation of Australian politicians to Israel in 2009.  The present Australian PM was supportive of Israel during operation cast lead in December 2009, and blamed Hamas to the war causes by terrorist rocket fire into Israel.

Gillard do support Israel, but is not a convinced Zionist. She has called Israel to freeze construction in the “Palestinian territories”.

Prime Minister Gillard has also come under fire from Christian groups in Australia after she revealed she does not believe in God.
She said: “I am not going to pretend a faith I don’t feel.”

Source: Multiple media.

My comment:

Julia Gillard is not a hypocrite. She refuse to pretend to be a Christian.

But there is probably more hope for Gillard, than for hypocrites that say they believe in Jesus, but their actions tell a different story.

In regards to Israel, it is important to acknowledge that the first Prime Minister of Israel was a secular man and a socialist. Neither being a Christian, not a Conservative, David Ben-Gurion was still a just and honest man.

Atheists are not saved. I do hope the Messiah Jesus saved Ben-Gurion, and will save Julia Gillard. I hope they both will be found in the Kingdom of Heaven.

2 thoughts on “Atheists can be good people and lovers of Israel

    1. Dear Mark.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      I am honored that a Pastor in Melbourne Australia has found this blog. In fact, I should have emailed a link to this story to you.

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