Barack Hussein Obama with open door towards Ahmadinejad

“The door’s open” for a meeting between Iran and the US.

General Jones will be given the task of open the doors in Tehran for Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama

This is a statement by Obama’s national security adviser, General James Jones. The statement was given in a CNN interview.

Jones said that the US may be ready to meet with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad if the country would be ready to return to negotiations regarding its nuclear program.

“One thing they might do is return our three hikers. That would be an important gesture. It could lead to better relations,” Jones said, speaking about an opening move to jumpstart discussions.

The national security adviser told CNN that the US feels it has a window to allow international sanctions to affect Iran before resulting to other options.

The general stated that the sanctions imposed on Iran recently have had some kind of impact.

“We have indications, as the president said last week, that the sanctions are in fact causing them a great deal of difficulty, that the nuclear program is not quite as progressive as some might have thought a year ago.”

Nevill Chamberlaine believed Hitlers signature had sealed a valid peace agreement.

When asked about the potential for a military option against Iran, Jones declined to comment and said, “I’m not going to speculate on that.”

Speaking about Ahmadinejad’s invitation to meet Obama at the UN General Assembly meeting in September, Jones responded:

“As far as going as far as heads of state meeting, only time will tell. But they [Iran] have to make those initial steps to show that they are sincere. There’s no point in a theatrical meeting without any building block leading up to it.”

“Ultimately if we find a convergence of paths all things are possible,”

Source:  Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

After Barack Hussein Obama presented his “Cairo speech”, I wrote an article comparing his to Neville Chamberlaine.

“Peace in our times”.

Barack Hussein Obama will repeat the 1938 mistake in relations with Iran.

Chamberlain believed it was possible to make true peace with Herr Hitler. That the leader of Nazi-Germany did not mean all he had spoken.

Being a semi-Muslim, Obama has spiritual links for the Ayatollah of Iran. They both believe that “Allah” is a great peacemaker.

Obama and the Ayatollah of Iran might have different views of how to use “Allah” to bring peace to the World. But they will finally meet, and agree that Islam is a religion of peace, and that Iran and America needs to sign a peace treaty.

The cost of war simply is to high. Petrol in America will become to expensive. And since there are hardly any public busses, the Americans will face the disaster of having to walk to work.

Peace in our time, seems to be the best way. Even if the Americans have to have a nice dinner with the devil.

Read more about the similarities of Obama and Chamberlaine:

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