Caretaker: Norwegians buries dead with Earthly belongings

In the Norwegian city of Gjøvik, it happens that the dead get clothes, fishing equipment and watches with them in their graves.

Do we remember the dead, or worship their spirits at the grave yards?

This is a statement by Dag Landmark. His is employed by the Church of Norway, as the caretaker of Church properties in the city of Gjøvik.  He confirmd that the locals do get personal properties with them down in their graves.

Landmark has told this story to the Radio Station P4, and the story has been published in the Norwegian Christian Daily “VårtLand”. Landmark explains that the number of people who wants to be buried together with earthly belongings are on the rise.

Dag Landmark.

“This is about good intentions and wishes. But certain things can not be recycled, or might explode during a cremation”, warns Landmark.

The Norwegian secular newspaper Nordlys reports that this kind of burial practices is not a large problem in the Northern parts of Norway.

Caretaker and former priest Kristin Stang Meløe explains:
“I have experienced as priest, that when children dies, many parents wants to burry their child together with their teddy bears. Children also has a desire to put something in their grand parents grave. Small things they associates with the dead”,says Stang Meløe.  Another priest in Northern Norway says some people wants to put drawings and roses into the grave of coffins.

And under taker in the city of Tromsø confirmed that families of the dead wants their relatives to be buried with their own cloutes. When there has been a open coffin during the last rites services, the under taker do not control what has been put into the coffin. But the law do ban burial of earthly belongings that will not recycle down in the soil.

Source: VårtLand.

My comment:

Like many Roman Catholics, some Catholic Lutherans also put earthly belongings into the grave of their dead relatives.

British gold digger Howard Carter opened the tomb of Tutankhamun.

This is a pagan practice. Because the Bible says that only the soul of a dead person will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only inside Heaven, a believer will enter into a new Heavenly body.

To bury the dead with earthly belongings is an old pagan Egyptian tradition. British gold diggers became robbers of Egyptian tombs of rich rulers.  The most famous of them is Howard Carter, who opened the tomb of Tutankhamun in Egypt.

2 thoughts on “Caretaker: Norwegians buries dead with Earthly belongings

  1. When China’s 2008 earthquake occured in the Sichuan province, many were burning money because they believed the dead would need it in their after life.

    And I heard no stories of where these people, knelt and shouted for the name of Jesus, giving glory and honor to him.

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