Catholics: Lady of Guadalupe is the Queen of America

Hillary Clinton is not the Queen of America. Knights of Columbus hail their Lady of Guadalupe as the Patroness, a copy of a Mexican goddess.

Hillary Clinton visits the Basillica of Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico city.

Knights of Columbus have made Lady of Guadalupe the “Patroness and Queen of America”. She is a copy of Aztec goddess Tonantzin.

The Knights of Columbus is one of the most powerful Roman Catholic lobby in the World. It has its center in the US, but has 1,7 million members in countries like Canada, the Philippines, Mexico, Poland, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Panama, the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, Cuba, Guatemala, Guam and Saipan.

The Archbishop of Washington Donald W. Wuerl, said at their last convention:

“Our Lady of Guadalupe, “Patroness and Queen of America, we see the model of our own mission of  evangelization.  Our task begins with the understanding that all of us are called to be instruments of the manifestation of Mary’s son, Jesus.”

Source: CNA.

The “Mary” copy of a Mexican pagan goddess

For the Aztec goddess Tonantzin was “Mother Earth”. The Spanish colonialist built a Catholic shrine on her temple. and called her “our Lady of Guadalupe”. But the Mexicans continues to use the name Tonantzin, on their statues whom the Catholics had renamed.

The pagan Mexican goddess of Tonantzin
Tonantzin in Aztec mythology, an image from wall painting in a pagan temple.
Tonantzin in the form of a Roman Catholic madonna.
Tonantzin in modern Mexian art.
Tonantzin, the mother of all gods.

The patroness of the Knights of Columbus is not different from other Roman Catholic madonna’s. They all are copy cats of pagan goddesses.

The Aztec goddess Tonantzin had many powerful names. Such as “Mother Earth”, the “Goddess of Sustenance”, “Honored Grandmother”, “Snake”, “Bringer of Maize” and “Mother of Corn”.

Some anthropologists believe that Our Lady of Guadalupe is a syncretic and “Christianized” Tonantzin. The Mexico City’s 17th-century Basilica of Guadalupe was built in honor of the “virgin”. The Church was constructed at the base of the hill of Tepeyac, believed to be a site used for pre-Columbian worship of Tonantzin.

My comment:

It is funny that the Catholics believe that America has a queen. Both the US and Mexico are republics. But the Spaniards wanted to win both Mexico and the US for the Pope and King of Spain.

They might look like they are dressed for a carnival.  But believe me. They are a strong lobby that work for political and spiritual control over The United States. Hundreds of years after they lost the colonial battles.

A Catholic Bishop together with Knights of Columbus.
The Papal soldiers makes a guard inside a Catholic shrine.
The Vatican flag is paraded by the Knights of Columbus through a street in the USA.
The Supreme Knight Carl Anderson leads his troops.

The war is still on. The Papal soldiers are the Knights of Columbus.

The emblem of Knight of Columbus.

Just look at their logo. They wanted to make Papal colonies with the power of axes and swords.

4 thoughts on “Catholics: Lady of Guadalupe is the Queen of America

  1. Interesting, love reading your articles. In the KOC symbol; The axe with the bundle of sticks around it is the symbol of fascism. The anchor and sword could mean on both land and sea. Fascism is authoritarian rule, their goal is to control everything, very Orwellian. Not only the Knights of colombus, they are one front for the RCC.

  2. hi

    please compare all pagan madonnas with the statue of liberty. what can you deduce?
    (also…the ‘bundle’ is represented in fm symbolism. coincidence??)

    shabbat shalome; it’s saturday…zzZZzzZZz…

    1. Yeah the statue of liberty is full of symbolism. The facism symbol is also found in America’s capitol building, democracy is a sham, the best slaves think they’re free. Seperation of church and state works the same as illegal drugs, if your the authorities you can run the black market and keep out the competition.

  3. Palin is a racist idiot. First of all, terrorists come cloaked in all kinds of religion . Timothy McVey was a CHRISTIAN. 62 Muslims died on 911, they had families and places of worship that loved them too. The hate mongering C should also remember that Jesus, her Lord and Savior came from the same place as all those “terrorists” who have the nerve to build a place to observe their religion in a country built on the backs of foreigners.

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