Lebanese army sniper kills Israeli commander in cowardly act

The IDF wants to remove a bush. The Lebanese army plan an ambush, and kills Israeli commander.

Warning the United Nations in advance about removal of a three, costs an Israeli commander his life.

An Israeli army spokeswoman told BBC that two Israeli officers had been attacked by “snipers from the Lebanese armed forces”. This seems to be a “well-planned ambush” during maintenance operations on Israel’s side of the border.

The head of Israel’s Northern Command, Maj.-Gen. Gadi Eizenkot, said the officers had been standing between 300 and 400 meters from the border, observing Israeli soldiers removing bushes near the border fence, when “sniper fire was directed at their position.”

Lt.-Col. Dov Harari, 45, was killed and an Israeli captain was “critically wounded.” Israel responded with artillery and helicopter fire. The Lebanese army said three of its soldiers had been killed and four wounded.

Source: BBC News

Israel gives Lebanon and Hamas stern warnings

“Israel will hit hard against anyone who tries to harm its citizens”, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday. He issued a stern warning to both Hamas and the Lebanese government in the aftermath of four attacks against Israel in the past five days from Gaza, Sinai and Lebanon.

We will reach, and hit with great force, anyone who shoots at Israeli citizens, no matter from where,” Netanyahu said in a Hebrew statement released to the media.

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

The Lebanese army has committed a serious war crime. Because they have killed an Israeli commander that did not pose any threat to the Lebanese army, nor its citizen.

The Israeli commander had called up United Nations, represented by the UNIFIL headquarter,  and informed in advance about maintenance work along the border fence between Israel and Lebanon.

It was simply a bush leaning on the border fence that had to be removed.

The Lebanese attack is a cowardly act. Let us all support the IDF, and the Jewish people. They have a right to defend them selves against such acts of Islamic terrorism.

6 thoughts on “Lebanese army sniper kills Israeli commander in cowardly act

    1. Dear Gloria.


      We do not love Israel and the Jewish people because they are righteous. We love them because we have been saved by the Word of God, that became flesh. All my blessings has come my way from Israel, through God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Jesus the Messiah is His servant.

  1. dear ivarjfeld, sometimes your english is atrocious! but i love your commitment to our Lord and to His people. you have the patience of a saint with all of these foolish people who hate the jews because they listen to the god of this world . keep up the great work that you do and know that your work has an eternal weight of glory when youstand before King Yeshua and He says to you “Well done thou good and faithful servant. Enter into the rest that has been prepared for you.”

  2. I see Israel being surrounded now more than ever as ALL nations are against Israel..but when Bibi says HE will come back with Heavy Force, he means it..and G-d says the weapons formed against Israel will be used on the enemy

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