Hamas denies that it fired missiles that struck Red Sea resorts

Eilat tourism leaders not intimidated by latest attack

I have seen these fishes. You should go to Eilat and experience the same you as I felt, supporting and blessing Israel. And by the way. I have also blessed Aqaba.

On Tuesday, the Hamas terror militia which rules the Gaza Strip denied any involvement with the deadly rocket attacks that struck the Gulf of Aqaba area Monday morning.

The rockets caused minor damage in Eilat, but killed a Jordanian cab driver and wounding four other people near the Intercontinental Hotel in Aqaba.

“The attacks perpetrated on innocent citizens of Jordan and Israel were carried out by terrorists that want to thwart the peace process,” said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a statement released Monday.

“All of the countries in the region who want peace need to fight against these forces in order to expel terror and bring peace closer.”

Source: ICEJ.org

My comment:

What is at the end of every tunnel?

I guess an opening. There is a possibility of two way traffic.

What come in to Gaza from Egypt, will also be able to leave Gaza for the Sinai desert.

The smuggling of weapon grade materials ends up in primitive rocket factories under schools, mosques and hospitals in Gaza. Once in a while the IDF finds and blows up such factories.

But most of the time such Islamic terrorist cells are protected by the United Nations, who hide Hamas under the cover of the Vienna convention and other International laws.

Hamas do not want direct peace talks with Israel. The latest message from the Sinai desert is clear.

I have been in Eilat. The problem with primitive home made rockets, is that they  hit both “good and bad”.  Again the rocket flew over the small city of Eilat, and landed in the neighbors garden. It is a irony, that the Kingdom of Jordan are hit by the very own terrorists that many Jordanians support.

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