Fatah leaders honors terrorist with summer camp for kinds

A summer camp in Bethlehem is the latest institution in the Palestinian Authority to be named after the leader of the worst terror attack in Israel’s history.

Behind this pretty face, there was a cold blooded Islamic murderer.

According to the official PA daily newspaper, the new camp is named after Dalal Mughrabi, who led a 1978 bus hijacking in which 37 civilians, 12 of them children, were killed.

The newspaper reports that the camp “aims at training young leaders” in the Bethlehem area:

The Ministry of Social Affairs in Ramallah opened yesterday in El Bireh the fourth integration camp for people with special needs.

The second Dalal Mughrabi summer camp was opened in the headquarters of Light of Generations’ youth association in Bethlehem, with support from the National Committee for Summer Camps and the One Voice Palestine organization in Ramallah.

Source: Palwatch.org.

My comment:

The Islamic civil war between Hamas and Fatah is not about ideology. It is about money.

When Fatah completely fell into corruption by US and EU “aid” money, a section of Fatah rebelled. They felt they did not get their fair share of money.

Now the Hamas was formed. Since Washington and London did not feed Hamas, Syria and Iran was ready to feed them.

Both “moderat” Islam and “Radical Islam” are equally corrupt.  Both their ideologies are based in the Koran, and the spirit of Allah”s desire to replace the Jews as the chosen people of God.

The should not be Jews on Earth, and no Jewish state of Israel. But only good Muslims, that lives in submission to the teachings of Muhammad, as explained in the Koran.

In this way, Islam and replacement theology in Rome, comes form the same spiritual source. From different angles, they do not acknowledge the Jewish people. And now they are gearing up for a joint final battle against Jerusalem.

That will be their doom.

Read more about Dalal Mughrabi,

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