The UN demands racist division of Jerusalem

Jerusalem major Nir Barkat calls UN demand for building halt racist and illegal.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat rebukes the UN for being racist against the Jewish people.

Mayor Nir Barkat condemns the racist suggestion of the UN secretary-general that construction permits in Jerusalem should be issued by religion, race or national identity,” the mayor’s spokesman, Stephan Miller, told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday.

“Further, Mayor Barkat condemns the notion of any freeze of construction for anyone in the city of Jerusalem – a notion that would be deemed illegal in the State of Israel and in any Western democracy,” he added.

“The municipality will continue to issue building permits to Jews, Christians and Muslims alike throughout the entirety of Jerusalem.”

The mayor’s response came after remarks made by Ban Ki-moon on Friday, during a meeting with Defense Minister Ehud Barak in New York.

The two men discussed a slew of issues, including the possibility of beginning direct negotiations with the Palestinian Authority and the Israel Navy’s May 31 raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla.

But the issue of building rights in Jerusalem were also touched upon by the secretary-general. The UN head  demanded that Israel should continue its freeze on new Jewish housing in the West Bank, which is due to expire on September 26, and begin similarly restricting Jewish construction in the eastern half of the city.

Barkat’s response is in line with the mayor’s longstanding opposition to a construction freeze in any part of the capital. The Mayor insist that Jerusalem remain united.

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

When Jerusalem was divided from 1948 to 1967, the Jews lost their access to their holy sites in the occupied eastern parts of the city.  Jewish synagogues and property were confiscated and destroyed

Now the UN supports the plan of bringing the liberated and free East Jerusalem back under Islamic occupation.

It is not so strange that the UN is doing so. Because the International organization has a powerful lobby of Islamic totalitarian dictators in its centre. And the rest of the nations are ready to sell their souls, in a bid to save their supplies of crude oil.

The World at large is ready to sacrifice Israel and the city of David, in a bid to save their own life of materialistic oversupply. The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.

One thought on “The UN demands racist division of Jerusalem

  1. The stage is being set for the tribulation, and yet people refuse to repent, and cry out to God.

    I think about this and it hurts. Why would anyone not reach out to Jesus? But I pray, and there is still hope for others to see that God is the truth, and the only way.

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