Israeli, Lebanese armies clash along border

The Israeli and Lebanese armies engaged in a rare armed clash along Israel’s northern border on Tuesday. 4 soldiers were killed.

An IDF soldier pray as an Israeli tanks returns enemy fire.

One IDF soldier was killed and another critcially wounded during an exchange of fire with Lebanese forces on the northern border on Tuesday. Netanya-resident Lt.-Col. Dov Harari, 45, a reserves battalion commander, died in the clashes. Captain Ezra Lakia, from the village of Harif, was said to be critically injured.

According to Israeli military sources, the incident was sparked when Lebanese soldiers confronted Israeli troops conducted routine operations along a disputed section of the border. The Lebanese refused to depart the area and instead opened fire on the Israelis.

In the Lebanese version of events, it was Lebanese soldiers who were operating in the area, and the Israelis who refused to leave. The Lebanese said they fired warning shots to scare off the Israelis, but were instead met by Israeli tank fire.

Whatever version of events is correct, the clash quickly turned into a short-lived artillery exchange that saw several shells fired by both sides. Residents across northern Israel were told to enter their bomb shelters.

On the Lebanese side at least four were killed, three soldiers and one journalist, according to a Lebanese security official.

It is unusual for the Lebanese army itself to engage in armed conflict with the Israeli army. Usually, the Lebanese prefer to attack Israeli through terrorist militias such as Hizballah.

Source: Israeli Magazine, Israel Today.

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