Edrogan tries to do a kill on the Turkish military might

The top Turkish NATO-general was framed by the Turkish Prime Minister. The ploy was named Operation Sledgehammer.

Two leaders of NATO countries. Both with a desire to please Islam.

Turkish retired General Cetin Dogan was on 25th of July detained at the Bodrum airport by Turkish police, from where he was planning to fly to Istanbul.

Why was the former Turkish general arrested?

He is blamed to one of the planners of “Operation Sledgehammer”. This operation is supposed to be the coup attempt which General Dogan is suspected to of presiding. Dogan was the commander of the the Turkish First Army.

According to the plan’s details, as reported by the Turkish newspaper Taraf, in 2003 Dogan and a group of senior officers planned to down a Turkish fighter plane and blow up two mosques in Istanbul. The ploy was to cause massive chaos in the country that would “force” the army to take control because of the government’s ostensible impotence in maintaining security.

In April Rodrik wrote in his blog that he and his wife also “bought into this story. Even though the charges against some of the individuals in the earlier waves of arrests seemed far-fetched.”

He indicates a number of contradictions in the published evidence, and says it would not have stood up in an American court of law, adding: “No self-respecting editorial office in the United States or Western Europe would have even considered publishing the documents.”

The arrest of the former top Turkish general has divided the Turkish nation into two camps.

Dani Rodrik is an internationally renowned Jewish professor, a descendent of Spanish Marranos who was born in Turkey.

Rodrik believes Dogan has been framed.

“We do not know who is behind the attempt to frame Dogan and the other retired officers involved in the case,” he wrote.

“Some point to Fethullah Gulen, a Turkish religious leader based in the United States with a vast network of supporters, whom they suspect of fomenting anti-secular activities. Others, in the Turkish press, implicate a conspiracy by clandestine paramilitary groups aimed at muddying the waters and covering their own tracks. Some, implausibly, even see the finger of the CIA.”

Ideological struggle

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has tried to reduce the army’s status in politics. He declared this week that he intends to annul the provisions in martial law enabling the army to intervene in instances when the government acts in contravention of the constitution, which in effect allows the army to carry out a military coup.

This, in continuation of Erdogan’s failed attempt to subordinate military personnel to the civilian courts, an attempt that was foiled by the Constitutional Court, which is still outside Erdogan’s sphere of influence.

Source: Israeli daily Haaretz.

My comment:

Make no mistake. Islamic forces is trying to take over the secular republic of Turkey.

Since Turkey is guarded by on of the strongest military forces in the World, its not easy for Radical Islam to infiltrate the secular officers corps.

So what is the master plan of the  Prime Minister Recep Edrogan?

He has basically learned from the Fascist takeover of nations like Italy and Germany.  The Fascists blamed those who did not agree with them to be the real Fascists, that needed to be removed.

Operation Sledgehammer does not make sense. Why would the secular Turkish military attack the Mosques?

We know who is the only once evil enough to attack Mosques. That is members of organizations linked to Radical Islam. They are willing to kill and slaughter their own Muslim brethren.

Again the truth is to be found in the pudding.

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