Bankrupt America to withdraw from lost war in Iraq

By the end of August, 100.000 US tropes will be withdrawn from Iraq.

US Secretary of defense Robert Gates visits Iraq in suite and tie. The window dressing is over.

Pentagon will withdraw US soldiers from 27 bases in 29 days.  By the end of the month there will be no more than 50,000 US troops there, and they will not be serving combat purposes.

‪‪Obama’s main focus will now be on war in Afghanistan‬‬.

Source: multiple media.

My comment:

The US had basically lost the war in Iraq.

From the the beginning, there was no honest justification for the war against the moderate Baath party regime in Baghdad.

The US and United Kingdom justified this war on a claim that the Iraqi regime had weapons of mass destruction.

When the regime lead by dictator Saddam Hussein was removed, the US justified continued military operations on the need to crack down on al-Qaeda cells in Iraq.

Have the objectives been reached?

Absolutely not. The reason for the US withdrawal in Iraq, is the present economic cries in the American banking system. Washington can simply not going on borrowing more money.

President Obama might be able to fool the Nobel Peace Prize committee, but not Iran.  The civil war in Iraq is not over. Soon there will be a not US friendly Puppet-regime in place in Baghdad. This regime will take its orders from Tehran.

The US has again used billion of its tax payers money, to build up a monster, that will eventually turn its head and attack America it self.

This is the tragic truth.

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