ICAJ fund raiser gets super revelations from “God”

Arvid Bentsen over jump Biblical verses that supports Zionism, and misguides on events within Astronomy.

Fund raiser Arvind Bentsen misuse the ICEJ pulpit, to go beyond his mandate.

Norwegian Friends of Israel are the most zealous supporters of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem.

This ministry is based on the prophetic words of the Bible, demanding Christians to love and support the Jewish people, and their right to a homeland in Zion.

The Norwegian fund raiser Arvid Bentsen have now been misguided and let astray by people linked to the Toronto-movement.

In a meeting with Pentecostals in Norway last week, Bentsen went beyond the limits of sound Biblical Zionism. He started to explain some “super revelations” he has got from both God and NASA.

Recorded in the Norwegian Christian Daily ” VårtLand”, Bentsen explains.
“All the planets in the solar system will on a particular point of time stand in a straight line. At that moment all the volcanos on Earth, also the great volcano of Yellowstone erupt. Four years later all forms of life on Earth will have vanished”.

When confronted by the newspaper, Bentsen refuse to admit that this is just a theory.
– NASA knows the exact time when this event will occur, but they holds this information back, explains Bentsen.  He defends him self by using the scriptures, who tells man about great signs in the sun, moon and stars. Bentsen finally admits that the Bible does not give us the exact timing when these signs in the sky and space will take place.

Source: Norwegian Newspaper VårtLand.

My comment:

I am a member of The International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem.

Planetary alignment happens quite often in cosmos, without effecting the Earth.

I also teach Biblical Zionism. When I was a youngster I also was an amateur Astronomer.

When I was saved in 2004, I left Astronomy, and started to believe in the written Word of God.

What Bentsen is teaching about, is events that occur several times in every century. Its called the “Jupiter effect”, or Planetary alignment. It has earlier been predicted to end the World in 1983. This kind of alignment also took place was in the year 2000, and in the spring of 2002. As we all know, the World did not come to an end.

I feel Arvid Bentsen should leave the people who has misguided him, and go back to the source of Biblical Zionism, and submit to the authority of the ministry who has appointed him.

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