Jews understands the crises within the Christian faith

Read this analysis about how a Jewish community understand the present crisis within Christianity.

Lack of support of Zionism is crippling mainline Christian Churches.

The name of this article is: “Mainline Protestants and Israel”

So enamored are today’s mainline Protestant churches with the Palestinian Arab “narrative” that they seem to have altogether forgotten, or denied, their own prior history of support for Israel and Zionism. Indeed, some of them appear to be trying to derail the Zionist enterprise altogether

The English Puritans who came to North America in the 17th century linked their fate in the New World to that of biblical Israel. By the early 19th century, the Presbyterian minister John McDonald was urging Christians to help the Jews of Old World Europe to return to Zion.  Later in the 19th century, the Methodist preacher William Eugene Blackstone traveled far and wide to campaign for the same cause.

Many Anglicans were similarly disposed. In Britain, Lord Balfour described himself as a “Zionist.” In March 1948, despite the persistence of anti-Semitism in the United States, fully half of Protestant Americans voiced support for the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine.

Today, the mainline denominations, which represent a dwindling yet still influential minority of American Christians, regularly take left-wing positions on matters of both theology and politics, and their attitude toward Israel has changed decisively.

Theologically, most of today’s Methodists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, and others no longer believe that the Bible is the word of God or should be interpreted as literally true. The theological basis for connecting the people of Israel to the land of Israel has consequently evaporated.

Politically, the institutions of mainstream Christianity have embraced much of the Left’s antipathy toward Jewish national self-determination and a view of the Arab-Israel conflict in the black-and-white terms of oppressors and victims.

The results are visible in such recent initiatives as a document being circulated by Methodists that calls for boycotting goods produced in the West Bank, or the vote of the UK’s Anglican Communion in favor of economic divestment from Israel.

Further skewing the picture, the Geneva-based World Council of Churches, an umbrella organization of mainline church bodies, propagates a version of the Israel-Arab conflict that is insidiously damaging to Israel’s survival.

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Source: Jewish Ideas Daily.

One thought on “Jews understands the crises within the Christian faith

  1. Ironic that they can see the problem more clearly than can the so-called “Christians” who are in the midst of continuing apostasy. The mainline churches have been apostate for many years of course, but this new outrage will just add to their miseries in the coming Tribulation. The Lord will rescue His true Bride and remove “her” to a place of safety, just as He will do the same for His beloved Israel, but it will not go well at all for apostates. They will have a choice: seek the Lord, repent and face death; or take the Mark of the Beast and be damned forever.

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