I was in Rome for official talks in the Vatican, claims Benny Hinn. Caught on camera walking hand in hand with prosperity teacher Paula White.

Benny Hinn and Paula White, hand in hand in Rome, claiming to have official work in the Vatican.

Television preachers Benny Hinn and Paula White have rejected reports in the press last week suggesting that they are romantically involved.

The two Faith Healers and prosperity teachers were caught by a Papparatzi, and the photo published in the American gossip magazine The National Enquirer.

The magazine showed pictures of the televangelists entering and leaving a hotel in Rome holding hands. They deny any wrongdoing during their visit to Italy, saying that they had been there for ministry duties and were never alone.

Paula White has more than Muscle power.

Paula White said:
“We were never alone and were in the constant company of staff and other associates … My relationship with Pastor Benny is genuine and pure and should not be taken out of context.”

In February, Hinn’s wife filed for divorce after 30 years of marriage. White split from her husband Randy in 2007.

MSNBC.com reports that both Hinn and White said they were in Italy to meet with Vatican officials, traveling independently for respective ministry duties.

The Norwegian Christian Daily Dagen, did not buy Hinn’s claim of a Vatican appointment at face value. A journalist called up the Vatican secretariat, to cross cheque if Hinn had had meet with Vatican officials.

Federico Lombardi

Priest Federico Lombardi is the official spokesman for the Vatican.  He denies that Hinn had any official appointments in the Vatican last week. But Lombardi confirms that Hinn var invited to the Vatican in 2008.

Benny Hinn was first visited the Vatican in 1989, when he had a personal meeting with Pope John Paul II.

” Some of the visitors wanted to sit on the first row at a Papal audience. Hinn was one of them. They were considering to donate funds to the restoration of a large orgel” explains Lombardi.

The American gossip magazine reports that it is not known if Hinn ever gave a donation to this restoration.

But Lombardi do confirm that the Vatican has knowledge of the work of Benny Hinn ministry, and that any kind of cooperation is out of the question.

Occult powers

From where do Benny Hinn take his Powers? Under what authority do he operate?

If you are not aware that Hinn operates in the occult realms and serve the principalities of darkness, please read this sermon of the American TV-evangelist. During a sermon on the “Holy Spirit”, Hinn offered the following testimony:

Benny Hinn has taken his powers from Kathryn Kuhlman.

“One of the strangest experiences I had a few years ago [was] visiting Aimee’s tomb in California.

This Thursday I’m on TBN. Friday I am gonna go and visit Kathryn Kuhlman’s tomb. It’s close by Aimee’s in Forest Lawn Cemetery.

I’ve been there once already and every so often I like to go and pay my respects ‘cause this great woman of God has touched my life.

And that grave, uh, where she’s buried is closed, they built walls around it. You can’t get in without a key and I’m one of the very few people who can get in.

But I’ll never forget when I saw Aimee’s tomb. It’s incredibly dramatic. She was such a lady that her tomb has seven-foot angels bowing on each side of her tomb with a gold chain around it.

Kathryn Kuhlman and Pope John. Eye to eye, and hand in hand.

As—as incredible as it is that someone would die with angels bowing on each side of her grave, I felt a terrific anointing when I was there.

I actually, I—I, hear this, I trembled when I visited Aimee’s tomb. I was shaking all over. God’s power came all over me. …

I believe the anointing has lingered over Aimee’s body. I know this may be shocking to you. … And I’m going to take David [Palmquist] and Kent [Mattox] and Sheryl [Palmquist] this week.

They’re gonna come with me. You—you—you gonna feel the anointing at Aimee’s tomb. It’s incredible. And Kathryn’s. It’s amazing. I’ve heard of people healed when they visited that tomb.

They were totally healed by God’s power. You say, ‘What a crazy thing.’ Brother, there’s things we’ll never understand. Are you all hearing me?”


Benny Hinn sermon, Double Portion Anointing, Part #3, Orlando Christian Center, Orlando, Fla., April 7, 1991. From the series, Holy Ghost Invasion. TV#309, tape on file.

Source:  MSNBC.com

Source:  DagenMagazinet.no

My comment:

I guess this lesson from Benny Hinn is universal, the very definition of the word Catholic: If you are in Rome, be like the Romans.

Benny Hinn in Toronto 1992. Peopel fell like flies. He was anointed with this powers at the grave of Kathryn Kuhlman in 1991.

In regards to Hinn being caught by the anointing visiting the tomb of Kathryn Kuhlman. That is the ghost than comes up on people whom Benny Hinn touch.

The problem is that this ghost in not the Holy Ghost. Is is a power from the occult realm, that makes you a slave of money and sexual immorality. This is the very spirit of Jezebel.

Kathryn Kuhlman came on an official visit to the Vatican On October 11, 1972. She visited Pope Paul.

Birds of the same feathers, flocks together.

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