The death spiral of the Islamic republic of Iran

There is still no end to the bazaar strike in Iran. The major natural gas pipeline between Iran and Turkey was sabotaged.

Iran depend on export of oil and gas. Its pipelines are soft targets.

There was a serious fire at the old petrochemical plant on Kharg Island, the central point from which Iranian crude oil is exported. The electrical grid in and around Tehran has crashed many times in recent weeks.
There have been repeated purges in the ranks of the Revolutionary Guards, and the supreme commander, Gen. Jafari, publicly stated that many senior officers had actively sided with the opposition, another signpost along the death spiral of the Islamic Republic.

Source: Michael Ledeen (Pajamas Media)

My comment:

It is wise to look back in history, and see what will be the characteristic  inside dying totalitarian regimes.

As late as in March 1945, Nazi-Germany was capable of fiering V-1 rocket bombs.

Like in Nazi-Germany.

Hitler knew his last chance to win the war, was to be able to develop an  atomic bomb before the USA.

Even in the winter of 1944-1945, Germany continues to developed the advanced rockets V-1 that could deliver a nuclear weapon on cities like London and Paris.

The last V-1 launch site was not overrun before 29 March 1945.

Former US President Ronald Reagan was proudly claiming that the US defeated the Soviet union by its powerful arms race in space. The communists spend all their money on bombs and arms, and neglected the collapse of the society.

Like Hitler, like Stalinists and Ahmadinejad. To hell with the nation, as long as I am able to take the final revenge on my enemy.

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