France give the PLO-head status as ambassador

France upgrades diplomatic ties with Palestinians to status as statehood.

Mahmoud Abbas sees an ememy in Israel, and a good friend in Bernard Kouchner.

To try to spur international efforts toward creating a Palestinian state, French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said Monday the Palestinian diplomatic representation in France – which was called a “delegation” and headed by a “general delegate” – will henceforth be considered a “mission” headed by an “ambassador, chief of mission.”

Deputy Palestinian Foreign Minister Ibrahim Khreisheh said the PA has 58 full-fledged embassies in Arab, Islamic and African countries, as well as former socialist countries in Eastern Europe.

He said 54 countries have set up representative offices in the Palestinian territories, including 22 EU members, seven South American countries, as well as Japan, China, Sri Lanka and India.

Source: Jenny Barchfield (AP-Washington Post)

My comment:

There is a saying that my enemy’s enemy, is my best fried.

It is amazing that an Islamic terrorist organization finally has been paid off with appointment of ambassadors in cities like Washington and Paris. In the 1970-ties and 1980-ties, this was unthinkable.

After the terrorists were able to strike cities like Washington and London, the western democracy has bowed down to Islam, by pure fear of being the next terrorist target.

Italy has openly admitted that it has let Palestinians terrorists do training on Italian soil, in exchange for a non bomb attacks in Italy deal.

So who is my enemy?

I guess that is Israel. Than those who do not like her, will always be among my best friends.

One thought on “France give the PLO-head status as ambassador

  1. Revelation 17:12 The ten nations which are part of the anti-Christ’s kingdom are (1)Belgium (2)France
    (3)Germany (4)Great Britain (5)Greece (6)Italy (7)Luxemburg (8)the Netherlands (9)Portugal & (10)Spain
    These nations are the 10 nation members of W.E.U. the Western European Union. Note France is in the news a lot lately.

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