Mort Klein: Obama uses absurd analogies on the Jewish people

“Obama compared Palestinian suffering to the suffering of the Jews under the Nazis and to the blacks under apartheid. This is atrocious and absurd analogy”.

Mort Klein warns the World about the deception of President Obama in regards to the Jewish people.

This is a statement of Mort Klain, President of ‪‪Zionist Organization of America President‬‬. He goes tough of Obamas Cairo speech in 2009, where the US President  seeking to eradicate the tension between the US and Muslim world.

– Obama spoke about future diplomatic relations. Pointing to the Arab-Israeli conflict as a major source of tension in the region, Klein said, “Obama compared Palestinian suffering to the suffering of the Jews under the Nazis and to the blacks under apartheid. That was an atrocious and absurd analogy, says Klain.

“In the same speech, Obama said he looked forward to the day when Arabs, Christians and Jews would have the freedom to worship in Jerusalem that they haven’t had in 60 years. That’s a total falsehood.”

ZOA was one of the only American Jewish organizations to slam the Cairo speech, claiming it was anti-Israel. “The other organizations praised it because they focused on the one phrase where Obama said that the bond between America and Israel is unbreakable,” Klein said.

Source: ‬‬

My comment:

People who are awake, not intoxicated and in balance with their own senses, should be able to understand Klain’s viewpoints.

The Arab Palestinians have not been tried terminated by the Jewish state. During the Arabs armed Holy war on Israel, a few thousands of them have lost their life.

Six million Jews were slaughtered in the Holocaust. They were not armed, and had not harmed the German population in any way. To the radical opposite they were bank managers, professors and industrial workers who contributed to the prosperity of the German nation.

What about the accusation that Israel is an Apartheid state?

Apartheid rule was a small white minority, controlling the black majority. The black people of South Africa did not have equal right to vote, take education, and own properties as the white minority had. The black majority in South Africa was also banned from employment in certain sectors of society.

Is there any racism in modern day Israel?

Israel is to the radical opposite of Apartheid South Africa, a vibrant democracy.The Arab Israeli minority of two million people, most of them Muslims, are living inside the state of Israel with full Israeli citizenship.

There are limitation to their duties, like not availability of officer level appointment during military service.  The Jewish majority also has first preference also in regards to Immigration.


To secure that the only nation on Earth with a Jewish majority, remains a nation where the Jews have the right to govern.

But the Arab minority have the same legal rights as Jews, and do elect their own leaders to the Israeli Parliament Knesset.

Obama’s speech in Cairo was all about lies and deception, and a bid to gain popularity among his Muslim brethren.

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