First female Arab combat soldier proud to serve Israel

Elinor Joseph is the first female Arab combat soldier in the IDF:“This will always be my home”

Elinor Josef is the first Arab female to serve in a combat unit in the Israeli Army.

“Look at the beret,” says Elinor, smiling from ear to ear, showing off the bright green beret that she earned after completing the trek which is part of her combat training in the Karakal Battalion.  Her excitement is accompanied by a new historical precedent, since Elinor is the first Arab female combat soldier in IDF history.

Cpl. Elinor Joseph was born and raised in an integrated neighborhood of Jews and Arabs in Haifa, but attended a school in which all her classmates were Arab. She later moved to Wadi Nisnas, an Arab neighborhood where she currently lives.

Despite the fact that she would always wear her father’s IDF dog-tag around her neck from when he served in the Paratrooper’s Unit, she never thought she would enlist. “I wanted to go abroad to study medicine and never come back,” she said.

To her father it was clear that she would enlist in the IDF, as most citizens in Israel do. This was something that worried her very much. “I was scared to lose my friends because they objected to it. They told me they wouldn’t speak to me. I was left alone.”

Read more: IDF official site.

My comment:

Israel is often accused of being a racist state.

This young Arabian female is another proof, that the Jewish state treat their Arab minority with fairness and respect.

Welcome to service for human rights and freedom, Ms. Elinor Joseph. May God of Israel and His Messiah Jesus protect you and save you. Amen.

30 thoughts on “First female Arab combat soldier proud to serve Israel

    1. Dear Ed.


      I feel that was a cheep comment. This female is a sign of the mosaic of Israel. Israels first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion told the Arabs in Israel, please stay. And help us to build a Jewish homeland, where Jews, Muslims and Christians can live in peace.

      Today, there a 2 million Arabs living inside the state of Israel, with full citizenship.

      By the name of this female, I can say she most likely is an Arabian Christian (many nominal Arab Christians live inside Israel).
      So where is the need to defame her with a question about an Islamic burka?

      Please say sorry in your heart, Ed, and ask Jesus to forgive you.

    2. Dear Ed, I am sure you meant well but the “burka” remark can be interpreted as offensive. I personally feel that her joing the IDF, being proud of it and Israel welcoming her is a showing that Israel is a place of peace for all who live there. No offense meant in my respeonse to you. Once can hardly not notice her beauty. I am sure she is also much deeper than that. Have a great day.
      Sinerely, Manny

  1. Depends how you read it. It was more of a cut on Burkas than anything. But also noticing she is very attractive, that’s no crime. But Burka’s from what I’ve read are not scriptural at all in christianity. And being as Muhammed had a catholic wife I wonder if the similarity between burka’s and a nuns habit is a coincidence. I’ve read other places they use rosary beads as well. The bible says not to use repetition when you pray. Which makes sense because he is the living God, and not like talking to a tree.

  2. Hey man, Isn’t a bit hypocritical to feature her in one of your articles. In another article you described how scriptures say God does not like women to dress in mens clothes and vice versa. Now, sure in the spirit we are all the same in christ but clothing is worldly and carnal. I don’t know why God cares what people wears but apparently he does?

    1. Dear Ed.

      A uniform is not “mens clothes “. It is battle equipment. Repent, dear brother Ed. Israel would not have existed today, if not both Jewish men and women had fought seven wars for her survival. Your comment is disgraceful.

      A surgical female doctor, also has to dress properly, or an armed police woman. You have to be dressed for the occasion. To be a combat soldier is not a joke.

  3. Dear Ed, I do agree that was a cheap shot. Women should always be treated with respect.

    And to your response/question: “I don’t know why God cares what people wears but apparently he does?”

    You should pray and repent. Your question borders on sarcasm, instead of someone who would genuinely want to know what God meant:

    A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the LORD your God detests anyone who does this. (NIV, Deuteronomy 22:5)

    1. My apologies to the women.

      I didn’t mean any sarcasm. It truly interests me why things are the way they are. Like I found out that the reason God doesn’t like us to kill other people is that we are made in his image. Otherwise killing is ok, such as with animals but cruelty to animals is as much a crime as murder. Interesting.

      I am just very curious about God.

      Clear answers to the reasonings also help me ignore comments made by Oprah and the likes. She disses God for saying to stone disobedient children at the city gates. Need a good counter for that, but Soloman said to cut a baby in half when two women were fighting for custody. They never cut the baby in half though…

      1. Dear Ed.

        Shalom, by brother. I fully understand you.

        But learn from the scriptures.

        Luke 3:12-15.

        12Tax collectors also came to be baptized. “Teacher,” they asked, “what should we do?”

        13″Don’t collect any more than you are required to,” he told

        them. 14Then some soldiers asked him, “And what should we do?”
        He replied, “Don’t extort money and don’t accuse people falsely—be content with your pay.”

        John the Baptists did not tell the soldiers, to lay down their arms and go home. God of the Bible has told the Jews to look after and defend Zion. Not to enlarge Zion, beyond the borders clearly drawn up by the Word of God. But surely to protect His land, and His chosen people.

        If there was no IDF, there would not have been a restoration of the state of Israel. The state of Israel would have seized to exist within 24 hours.

        If men like Hitler or Ahmadinejad is not stopped, there would simply be no Jew left on Planet Earth. If so, the Bible would have been proven a false Revelation.

        Do you see what is at stake here?

  4. The word of God is immutable. I’m a bit detached from your situation being non-jewish and living in America but; not everything is so straightforward. Like George Bushs’ grandfather was caught red handed running a bank funding Hitler during WWII, while his buddies were busy running a bank funding the allies. “The wicked man will always be attacked by another wicked man”. Suppose Hamas’ purpose is simply to provoke Israel to do evil against the Palestinians. When people like that fail to produce results funding and support for them gets cut off. Look at Al Gore. His Global warming failed to be a hit and now he’s in the news quite often for his activities with various massage therapists. If you can’t make peace on your own that leaves room for negotiators to step in.

  5. Ed,

    I’m a born again christian and living in America. I don’t know alot about the Jewish people, but I do know God’s plan for those that come to him. It’s written in his word. There are times that I don’t understand his word, and I’ve come to ask my pastor or do research. But through all and all, I understand why Jesus died on the cross for us.

    God Bless you Ed.

  6. ‘Israel is often accused of being a racist state.

    This young Arabian female is another proof, that the Jewish state treat their Arab minority with fairness and respect.’

    This is an interesting comment …. especially that you say Arab’s are treated with fairness and respect, rather than say ‘equality’ for example. Or would that be too much to hope for?

  7. “Shes very dark for an Arab mabye because she is an Israeli, in Syria I did not see Arabs so dark” this was a comment made by an Israeli I came across he was also arrested and charged, so its rubbish that Israel is not a racist state they are, most Israeli’s are Europeans not israelites like the rest of the Arabs are.

    So we are told the first israeli prime minister welcomed arabs but look at the current prime minister the root of all hatred in Israel.

    Most if the muslim Arabs are treated terribly mabye the Christian and Jewish Arabs aren’t thats another story yet again Israel comes out short.

    I am from a ethical Arabic background we descended from pure Arabs and we are today almost pure Arabs, I can say this many Arabs in Israel are mixed not ethical.

    It is also obvious this young lady is not ethical Arab she is also Christian and most Christian Arabs in the Levant are Caananite’s and french crusader mix so not proper Arab, its amazing how manipulating Israel is.

      1. You think I am a liberal, how sad you uneducated kid. Most Israeli people are from Europe they are not middle eastern anyway Arabs have olive skin with different shades. My grandparents are from Palestine and my parents watched the Israeli soldiers sieze our land and abuse our family so Israel must leave we want our ancestral homeland back. P.s note my family is also from Syria for those of you that want to question my thinking. Israel is manipulating everyone especially America and the whole world with their lies look what has been happening all over the world Israel try everything in their power to make us fall hence why is Israel launching airstrikes on innocent women and children in Gaza. So what about the airstrikes in Syria? Israel again manipulating and giving their reasons of a ‘free syria’. You will probably go on how I am going off topic but this is necessary to show you what Israel is doing. So next time you open your mouth, think a bit.

    1. Dear David Kedar

      Shalom, and love in Yeshua.

      That was a fleshy comment. If she was not “pretty”, I guess you would not comment?

      Jesus the Messiah looks for inner beauty. Worldly and fleshy men, walk in their flesh.

      1. Im one of those “Caananite’s and french crusader mix” you hate so much. Also All arabs should convert to Christianity and stop following that false Prophet Mohammed. Im an Arab who is a Christian and I agree with Messianic judaism. Christian arabs are smarter and superior to their Islamic neighbors.

    1. Lol everyone knows that Lebonese people are not part of the ‘pan Arabism’ you are not a true Arab why don’t you join us 80% of the Arabs are muslim you low life minority non arab. I have a lot of Lebanese friends Lebanese people are good people but you sir are an immature kid grow up please. Why should Arabs even think about converting you do know that Islam was born out of the Arabs and Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. If Christian Arabs are so smart then why is North Lebonon in such a mess? I will tell you why because you are arrogant and very back ward thinking. It’s arabs like you that make us look bad. have a good day you idiot your argument is flawed it is based on air. Please go to a good school and university so you can join the educated arabs.

      1. Dumb ass when since are Levantine Arabs that dark? She is lives in Israel/Palestine which says her ancestry is Palestinian. Now this is what I mean by uneducated, which also means that your statements have no evidence and base to support your claims. Excuse me please read my response before replying, I said North Lebonon. Since north Lebanon is demoniated by Christians, and I did say North Lebanon is in such a mess which means you have contradicted yourself. South Lebanon is in a much better state than the North so please don’t flatter yourself. I am not uneducated like you I can read, as the article clearly says that she is Christian. The Christians will never own the middle east because it belongs to God not any man and God has favored the Arabs which means the muslims in this case haven’t you seen over the decades all Arabs were non muslims now 1000 years later more than 90% are muslims now I want to thank you for contradicting your statement. Mohammed committed sins? No he didn’t tell me what sins he committed with proper evidence I don’t want claims without evidence that will just show me how stupid you are. You argue like a 12 year old making claims with no evidence.

      2. You speak like you know Islam but in reality you don’t I suggest you read a book it will do you a lot of good. It will also definitely help your backward thinking.

  8. New Testament , romans 13:1 command christian “arab-Israeli” to be loyal to the nation state they are citizen of , as a matter of conscience before God. In Islam the loyalty are to the Ummah, the islamic nation.

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