Swedish minister of Church wear sun god pedant

The Swedish minister that looks after Church affairs, often wears a pendant with an image used by the Egyptian sun god.

The Swedish Church minister Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth is connected to the Egyptian sun god.

She has hardly been in a Church. She do not believe in eternal life, but is often seen to waring an ANKH pedant, the very sign of the ancient Egyptian sun god.

The Swedish minister of Church, Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth, is basically no longer the “Church minister” The department that looks after the affaires of the Lutheran Church of Sweden, has been renamed to the ministry of Faith communities.

Last year Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth visited a Church once. This is what she told the Swedish daily newspaper Dagen.se.

“The state of Sweden do no longer appoint Bishops.  And I am now responsible for governmental contacts with all kinds of faith communities”, explains Adelsohn Liljeroth.

“I also call different faith communities together for ecumenical debate on certain topics. Like how to make the act of marriage neutral in regards to sexual orientation”, proclaim the faith community Minister.

– Du you call your self a Christian?

“I have Christian values, and have no problems to accept what is written in the sermon of the Mount, or rules for Christian life as described in Christian traditions. I have been raised with Christian humanist values. I do not believe in the Apostles creed. Neither do I believe in eternal life. I believe in the present life we have”, explains Adelsohn Liljeroth.

The Ancent ANKH found on ancient Egytian wall paintings

The Swedish minister is often seen in public wearing an ANKH, an image of the ancient Egyptian sun god. ANKH means “eternal life”.

“I love to live, and I do hope. But what we face on the other side, no one knows. This is rather a philosofical question”, says Adelsohn Liljeroth. She tells the Journalist, that she knows the true meaning of the Egyptian image she is wearing.

“It is a 3.000 year old sign, that has been discovered on many walls in ancient Egypt ruled by the Pharaos”

Roman Catholic monstrance with the sun in the center.

Source: Swedish Christian daily Dagen.no.

My comment:

This lady minister is basically a pagan priestess. She is aware of what she is doing.  She claims to know Christian values, but she rejects the very foundation of Christianity.  What is the Christian faith, outside the faith in eternal life?

ANKH pedant with a rubin sun in the center.

In stead, she wear an image of the Egyptian sun god, that also promises eternal life, but only in the form of reincarnation. The Egyptian gods were suppose to raise from the Pyramids, and come back into the society.  But in different forms.

So the Swedish minister is right: Being in favor of the pagan Egyptian religion, her mind and soul have been corrupted.

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