Netanyahu okays Palestinian agents as statehood officials

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has approved that Arab Palestinian officials in the US gets status as diplomats.

Terror and violence has finally been rewarded with blue passports. The bills for their limousins will be paid by using American taxpayers money.

Now PA diplomats in Washington will enjoy diplomatic immunity.

“This decision reflects our confidence that through direct negotiations, we can help achieve a two-state solution with an independent and viable Palestine living side by side with Israel,” said White House spokesman Thomas Vietor.

“We should begin preparing for that outcome now, as we continue to work with the Palestinian people on behalf of a better future.”

A week ago, American officials contacted Jerusalem to see whether Israel would object to the upgrade, a senior Israeli official said. Prime Minister Netanyahu responded that he had no objections.

Source: Israeli daily Haaretz.

My comment:

Benjamin Netanyahu got caught by the little finger syndrome.

When you give in to lies, you have open the gap to let them corrupt your mind.

And when you give them a finger, they will soon capture and twist your hands.

The demand for a statehood for the Arab Palestinians has by this mistake been granted.  Like the Vatican statehood. The Papal staff in Rome has got diplomatic immunity, and can only be held accountable by their corrupt leaders.

Now the official representatives of Islamic terrorists has got their blue passports. Thanks to Barack Hussein Obama.

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