Lutheran World Foundation to accept a United Eucharist in Union with Rome

The Lutheran commitment to ecumenism will not end until we can share the Eucharist with other churches.

Lutheran Bishop Hanson is an important Papal tool to get the Lutherans back into union with the Vatican.

This is a statement by LWF President Bishop Mark S. Hanson at the Lutheran World Convention Wednesday. being held in Stuttgart Germany.

“If Roman Catholics and Lutherans [for example] can feed the hungry together, wouldn’t it be good if they could be fed at the Lord’s Table together?” Hanson posed.

LWF is the world’s largest communion of Lutheran churches, representing over 70 million Christians in 79 countries. It holds an assembly every six years. This year’s meeting drew leaders and representatives from the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Anglican Communion, the United Methodist Church and the World Communion of Reformed Churches.

LWF has pursued deeper relations with each of the global church bodies. One of the landmark ecumenical events was the 1999 signing of the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification.

Source: ChristianToday.

My comment:

The issue of the Roman Catholic Eucharist, is also an issue of the renewed union of Aaronite priests, claim to have been elevated from other New Testament believers.

The issues of a renewed union of Catholics, Anglicans, Lutherans, Presbyterians and Methodists, is not only a matter of a different interpretation of scriptures.

I once saw a Methodist pastor kneeling down, and praying to the Eucharist hosts.

The so-called Mainline Churches also have different vessels to keep the host inside, and they do perform different religious rituals at the alter.

They will surely come back into full union, and form the One United Church of the Bishop of Rome, the claimed to be Mother Church of Christendom. Because the Bible says all the Harlots will return to the Mother.

4 thoughts on “Lutheran World Foundation to accept a United Eucharist in Union with Rome

  1. I agree with your comment absolutely.Great information for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.
    These false shepherds have taken their pleasures at the cost of human beings young and old. The time comes very quickly that that which they do they will do quickly. Those that believe the lies will have their minds seared over and that will not be pleasant at all to see or hear but as is stated in the 91st Psalm that those that Know HIS Name (Father God) will be safe under His Wings and shall see the reward of the wicked come upon them but it will not touch us. Notice He said we would ‘see’ and with seeing this there will surely be mixed emotions for their is no joy in seeing souls perish and people reaping evil for their evil in whirl winds.

    1. Dear Gracie.


      When I was an infant in Jesus, just born again, I came across Matthew 7: 21-23. I was surprised, because these verses explained my anger at claimed to be Christians, when I still was a secuclar man and an atheist.

      In those days, I raised an objection:

      It will be grave injustice if these hypocrites will enter the Kingdom by Heaven, by their shouts of “Hallelluja, praise Jesus.

      It kept me off Christendom.

      I can recall, that I liked some few Christians. But they were fundamentalist, living a sacrificial life. I had to admit that they were idealists, and their actions noble. But I saw them as believers in an utopia, the claimed to be Kingdom of Heaven in the afterlife.

      Now I know. I once was blind, but now I see.

  2. I have to say that I don’t think anyone was raised any rough than I was, surviving was a way of life. Taking care of those younger than myself and being taught as first born the Privilege of Responsiblity was mind and with that came the authority.

    I talked the same rough talk as the elders, was not raised in church and yet, I do not remember a time that Christ Jesus was not near to me. What I felt about Him, I felt ‘alone’ for many years, meaning I had no help and no teaching from ‘organized’ chapters of theological massaging if you will.

    All I knew for most of my younger years was that Christ Jesus Loved me and I loved and love Him. I don’t remember a time I was not able to read the Word nor a time I did not pray and yet many said i was going to hell in a hand basket because of who I was and what I was.

    I ate more pain than food most of my life and was not trusting of many because most older than I did not have the responsibilities that I had nor the discipline.I later found out what a hipocrit was, an actor.Pretenders. I knew to stay away from them. Their words were hollow and empty to me. Sounds harsh doesn’t it but when I heard or read Father Gods truth I soaked it up like a sponge. I did not concern myself with the condemnations of others, I pitied them. I did not have a concern for those that would suffer from the very words that rolled off my back like water until I was in my twenties.

    By that time I had many experiences with The Lord and always He loved me in spite of all the things others found in me as faults.

    Scriptures state clearly there will come a time when many will come before the Lord and be told they can not enter because He never knew them. I Prayed about that for a long time and recently I was given understanding that the ones that ‘use’ the Name of Christ Jesus and did many works simply did not humble themselves to seek and accept Him as their LORD and Saviour and His NAME has The Power and not the person using it unless they are His and the Authority to use it as led by Him.

    I am quite certain that many loudly shout Hallelujahs and Praise Jesus and have not accepted and professed Him as their Lord and Saviour personally. Without that they will not get into Heaven for HE is the Only Way Too Father God.

    The thing that surprises me so much is that so many do not know Him personally. The compassion and Tender Mercies. The Love that eminates from His Presence, that He does talk with us when we listen for Him and too Him. He is so worthy of our love, more than we can ever express, He is Worthy. He is alive, vibrant and one can not help but simply melt in His Presence because He is so pure and His love is all powerful and wonderful. He is the only one I can pour my heart out too, even if I am upset or hurting. I think Lord, I will be honest with You because nothing is hidden from You anyway. You know why I feel as I do, far better than I do. Please help me understand and then His Sweet Presence is all consuming and the pain is gone, it is counted as nothing, non existant.

    There is a major difference between rage, anger and Righteous Indignation. All of these things He has shown me and taught me and i am not one hairs different than anyone else. It is available for all if they will stop leaning into their own understandings and imaginations both of which have limits and He has NONE. Isn’t that wonderful to know.

    So to make a long answer a bit longer, I probably am the wrong person to ask concerning the outcome of those that have never Believed IN Him and not just ‘about Him’ for that is like Job who knew of Father God but when all of hell broke out against Job and Father God brought him through it, Job was literally then a Priest that sacrificed for his repentant friends and offered Prayers For them and from HIM Father God heard his prayers.Amazing isn’t it?

    This is why I pray for folks I know and love and for those that have no one to Pray for them or care about them. There are so many.

    You have a wonderful testimony and I would like to hear more. One never knows when their testimony is a word of knowledge for someone or an encouragement or a confirmation. If it is only one, then that one was appointed and drawn for such a time and encounter the same as if it were many. You are Blessed.

    1. Dear Gracie


      Do not get to personal in this comment column. Not every one who read this blog do have mine, nor yours best interests in mind. You are free do send me an email, if you want my advise in personal matters.

      How to see the difference between the real and the fake?

      Look at the fruits. Jesus explained to us that a bad three can simply not bear good fruits. This is how we, our self, can examine our own life. What are the fruits of my walk with Jesus?

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