Catholics in India bury the dead with their gold

Burying the dead with valuable trinkets is a popular practice in Goa.

Roman Catholics in Goa in India are known for their worship of idols. A local saint of wood is carried on the shoulders of the Papal faithful.

This is a statement of Raul Colaco, Parish Priest in the village of Goa Velha in India.

Colaco told the Times of India he was forced to announce this stern measure after two fresh graves in the Goa Velha church cemetery were vandalised by unidentified people earlier this month.

According to a complaint registered with police, the vandals were in search of gold trinkets which were buried along with the bodies at the time of the funeral.

Gold diggers have always been attracted to gold. They collect among both the living and the dead, many of them with a Bible in their hand.

“The people have gladly accepted the decision.

“Because if someone notices gold on a body at the time of the funeral, then that particular coffin could be the next target,” Colaco said.

He said burying the dead with gold and ornaments also proved to be a source of bickering amongst the surviving family members in the future.

Burying the dead with valuable trinkets is a popular practice in Goa.

Source: The Times of India.

My comment:

The practices of burying the dead with gold and Earthly belongings has no basic in Biblical Christianity.

From which spiritual source have the Catholic learned this?

From ancient Egypt, I presume.

The priests of the Pharaohs told them that their gods demanded that the kings should take with them their gold into their afterlife. Later the Egyptians discovered that many tombs had been robbed, and the priesthood who buried the royals had become rich.

There is a lot of information about such tomb looting. Egyptians also faced Imperial gold diggers sent by the King of England.

In correct Christian teaching, there is no golden option in the afterlife. The departed soul will leave all his gold on Earth behind, and spend the eternity in the flames of Hell.

Rather the souls of those who had no gold and silver, will experience a rapture. And when these souls enter the Kingdom of Heaven, they will be given a new heavenly body.

Lets learn from Peter,  the Jewish Apostle.

Acts 3:6:
Then Peter said, “Silver or gold I do not have, but what I have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.”

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