Complaint about Turkish flag, but forgets the Vatican

“Turkey backs the Palestinian Authority’s demand to include the Old City in a future PA-led Arab state”.

The Vatican flag of Papal supremacy in the Old city of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem activist Aryeh King has informed Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman that a Turkish flag has appeared in the old city of Jerusalem.

Aryeh King

The signs flout Israeli sovereignty in the Old City, he said. King plans to file a complaint with the Jerusalem municipality and to the Israel Nature and Parks Authority.

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My comment:

This is well and good. There should be no Turkish flags in the Old city of Jerusalem.

Catholic nuns hailing their Pope in the Vatican in Rome.

But why do the Jewish people ignore the Vatican flag?

The Vatican is an independent statehood inside Italy. Its a foreign entry in Israel. And it do support all kinds of movements that works for the eviction of the Zionist control over Eastern Jerusalem.

If the Jewish people do not recognize who the enemy is, they ran the risk of being royally deceived.

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