Hamas demands corridor of death, to split Israel in the center

Avigdor Lieberman last week offered Hamas direct free shipments from ports in Greece, in exchange for sealed Gaza-borders towards Israel. This is why Hamas rejected the plan.

The Saudi Arabian plan of splitting the state of Israel into two pieces is still a part of the "peace process".

Hamas on Friday rejected a new plan by Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, aimed at ridding Israel of any responsibility for Gaza.

The Israeli Foreign Minister suggested that the European Union could take over the security checks of ships bound for Gaza, from seaports in Greece.

A spokesman for the organization, Sami Abu-Zuhri, said Hamas was opposed to dividing the Strip from the West Bank.

“We will not allow the occupation to evade its legal responsibility as long as it continues to occupy Palestinian land. Gaza is a part of the Palestinian homeland and we reject its disengagement from the rest of the homeland,” he said.

“The occupation in the Strip continues despite the withdrawal of Zionist forces and despite the disbanding of settlements,” Abu-Zuhri added.

Source: Ynetnews.com

My comment:

What is at stake here?

Suddenly Hamas do not want an end to the sea blockade of Gaza they have complained about in every media under the heavens.

The reason is obvious. The so-called sea blockade serves Hamas interests. Without this kind of blockade, Hamas can not claim Israel is behind a humanitarian crisis in Gaza. And if there is no humanitarian crisis, there is no need to blame Israel for anything.

Hamas would be held accountable for its own cruel Islamic governance of Gaza.

Since 2005 Gaza has been a “Juden free zone”. An end of the sea blockade will effectively demolish any valid accusations against Israel for occupying this small piece of land.

But Hamas has bigger plans. They also want to control the so-called West Bank. To be able to achieve this, Hamas need continued EU and US support for the idea of creating a transport corridor from Gaza to the West Bank.

This is what Israel would have looked like, If the United Nation partition plan had been accepted. It had a transport corridor just north of Arabic Ashkelon and Ashdod.

This kind of transport corridor was on the Negotiation table in 1999, just before the second intifada. The Islamic rejection of such a proposal showed us the true Arab Palestinians intention behind their “peace efforts”.

In 2010, such a corridor will eventually split the Jewish state into two pieces, more easy to target and demolish.  North and South Israel. This kind of corridor was included in the original partition plan made by the United Nation.

But in that plan both the cities of Ashkelon and Ashdod was going to become Arabic property. And even worse. Israel was going to be divided into three separate areas. South, Central and North East. Such a United Nation proposed Jewish homeland could never become anything but a paper tiger. Because it was an invitation to the Jewish people to commit collective suicide.

The Arabs had a different plan than the United Nations. They wanted to split Israel into four zones, one to each of the attackers.  The Arabs did not plan to create an new Arab Palestinian state. The Arab League had suggested that the Gaza-zone should become a territory supervised by the Egyptian statehood. Egypt agreed. That is why Egypt invaded Gaza in 1948, and held this area up to 1967. There was never any Egyptian suggestion tabled for the creation of a Palestinian statehood prior to 1967.

The truth is that Egypt will never allow Syrians to rule in Gaza. Neither will Syria allow Jordan to take over the control of the Golan Heights.

Israel is supposed to return the Golan Heights to Syria.

If so. Why not also return the West Bank to Jordan, and Gaza to Egypt?

The Egyptians and Jordanians are simply not interested.  That would be to adopt supporters of the Iranian Revolution and Jihad against their own Governments.

The map with the suggestion of the Peel Commission.

Interesting enough, the British Peel Commission came up with a“Hamas like plan” in 1937.

The corridor between Jerusalem and the Mediterranean Sea was going to divide Israel into two pieces, and there was no longer any South Israel. Just a small Jewish municipal corporation south of the corridor.

And half of Tel Aviv was going to come under International control.

This plan was rejected for obvious reasons.

The land left for a Jewish statehood would become very small, if fact look like an enlarged concentration camp in Nazi-occupied Poland.

No army in the World, would be able to defend this kind of mini-put statehood against the Islamic desire to destroy her at the very declaration of her existence.

This is the very desire written down in the Hamas charter, the very constitution of Radical Islam.

The original plan of the Peel Commission was scraped. History has proved the Peel Commission to be right.

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